Jupiter Water Ionizers: Uses of acid ionized water

Uses of Acid Ionized Water

Acid ionized water is for external use only, not for drinking. Its antimicrobial and astringent properties have found widespread use. In fact, water ionizers were of established use in Japanese hospitals for the value of their ACID ionized water, long before the benefits of alkaline water were discovered.

Its home uses include:

In the Kitchen

Clean work surfaces, cutting boards, etc. and rinse dishes with high level acid ionized water. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria.

Skin Care

Because human hair and skin is mildly acidic, acid water is used restore sheen to hair and smoothness to skin. It can relieve dry itchy skin, including the itchiness resulting from poison ivy and poison oak. Helps in the treatment of acne and eczema.

Tests have shown that this “oxidized” water can be used to treat:

Athlete’s foot
Minor burns and scratches
Insect bites, and other conditions, such as:

After soaking my feet in ionized acid water for 30 min I found myself wishing I had taken pictures before and after. Before the treatment my feet were dry, cracking and rough with lots of calluses. After the first treatment almost all of the calluses wiped off and the skin looks and feels like I rubbed oil on them. You have a great product.” Jim Lewey, Morrilton AR

Flowers: Stay fresh longer in mildly acidic ionized water

Teeth: Used for brushing and gargling

Download our staff report on the uses of acid ionized water.

Commercial uses:

Acid ionized water with high oxidant levels (O.R.P. of +1100mV) is currently used in American and Japanese hospitals in the treatment of bedsores, operative wounds with complicated infections, and diabetic ulcers. This water is sometimes referred to as “super oxide water”. It is used extensively in Japan’s medical facilities for the sterilization of surgical equipment and wounds. For the same reasons, it has been adopted by the food service industry for the sterilization of kitchen utensils and the cleaning of seafood and meats. In agriculture acid ionized water is used effectively on plants to kill fungi and molds. For example, it is sprayed on sprouts, wheatgrass, and germinating plants in nurseries to prevent mold. Because it is non-toxic, there is no danger to the environment. Golf courses have used it to vastly reduce their reliance on pesticides and herbicides.

To learn more about the widespread commercial uses of acid electrolyzed water, listen to this National Public Radio interview, or read the transcript here.

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Last updated: Aug. 24, 2016

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