Alkaline Water–video transcripts

Transcripts from the Japanese Television 13 part series on “Miracle Water”


Announcer: “In earlier programs we looked at electrolyzed miracle water that has been used in place of medicines and agricultural chemicals and it has proved very effective.”

“Today we have another report concerning this miracle water. We have followed a diabetes patient who faced the possibility of having to have his leg cut off, he recovered and was able to walk again.

We have more from NNN Cameraman Matsumoto.”

The diabetic patient: “Because you took up my story on your TV program, my life was saved, I can make a fresh start thanks to you.”

Reporter: “One and a half months ago, Mr. K. Abe 56, cut his right toe on a piece of glass. He left the hospital where he was staying, and came to Kyowa Hospital in Kobe two days before the scheduled operation to amputation his foot. He found this hospital through a TV camera man.”

Mr. Abe says: “The doctor at the first hospital told me that they had to amputate my foot and the toe on my other foot, if I lost both, I wouldn’t be able to work or walk so I left the hospital.”

Reporter: “Twenty days ago he entered Kyowa Hospital. The condition of his feet is getting better day by day, at first they were terrible. The color of the cells was dark, most parts were pussy and smelled terrible, both feet were infected with gangrene.”

Mr. Abe: “This is the photo at the time I was first diagnosed compared to the more healthy left foot, the bone melted and became thin, this was caused by poor blood circulation and diabetes. This was the way it looked.”

Reporter: “Reportedly, there are 5 million diabetics in Japan. Of those over 40 years old, about 1 out of 10 people suffers from this disease. Early on you can control your calories and take insulin pills to treat the disease, but when you are seriously ill, you have to take insulin shots to control your blood level. Mr. Abe was labeled a seriously ill patient.”

Doctor: “To control diabetes we use insulin, but to control a locally infected part we use acidic water only. We use no antibiotics. To treat feet medically developed water with a pH of 2.4 and 1100 millivolts of deoxidized potential is used. This deoxidized electric potential water is very effective to control local infection and granulation, but it is not perfect. So first, we want to control diabetes by dosing with lots of electrolytic resolved water every day. We think effective treatment of gangrene can be achieved through such an improvement in the patients constitution.”

Reporter: “They say the treatment of diabetics is possible using electrolytic resolved water or alkaline ion water, both of which are available to be made at home. Mr. Abe drinks five liters of water per day following the doctors directions. And he says he has been improving day by day.”

Mr. Abe: “This water makes me feel light and I am in good shape.”

Reporter: “What kind of water is this? I asked the hospital staff to analyze it.”

Doctor: ” Ordinary water is pH 7 and it’s resolved potential is (plus) +330 millivolts. An alkaline solution of pure water and caustic soda is pH 8 and it’s resolved potential is (plus) +200 millivolts.

Doctor: “A miracle water that Mr. Abe is taking is pH 8 and it’s resolved potential is (minus) -238 millivolts. Is this water with a different electric potential have a good effect on Mr. Abe.”

Reporter: “At last the great news Mr. Abe had desperately waited for was conveyed to him by Dr. Kawamura.”

Mr. Abe asked: “It isn’t necessary to cut of my foot, is it?”

Dr. Kawamura: “As things stand now, I don’t think it will be necessary.

Congratulations, your foot has been saved.”

Mr. Abe: “Thank you, now I think I can work after being released from the hospital and I am looking forward to that. My leg would have been cut off, if it would have been two days later, it might have been hell, but now I will be able to work again after I get out of the hospital.”

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi: “Diabetes is believed to be caused by insufficient secretions of insulin from beta cells in the pancreas. In modern medical science, an active enzyme called a free radical is said to be involved in insufficient secretions of insulin.”

“In the human body there are neutrophils and t-cells fighting again viruses or malignant tumors. What is called active oxygen is fighting. After winning in the fight against a cancer, the enzyme which is called SOD will decompose residuals. But if there are too many residuals they stick to anything and damage cell membranes and nuclei because they are poisonous. It is said that diabetes is caused by this.”

“The resolved water obtained by electrolysis extinguishes free radical active oxygen. They are released out of the body that is why Mr. Abe’s diabetes and gangrene took a turn for the better.”

Mr. Abe: “I used to take 16 units of insulin but they reduced it to 10 units, now. I used to take 1200 calories but now I take 1600. I feel just fine and as they give me more of it I feel better and better.”

Reporter: “On the 45th day since Mr. Abe was admitted to the hospital, I happen to witness a scene, I doubted what I saw. Mr. Abe once thought about committing suicide because there was no chance he could save his leg, but I saw him leaving the hospital to go shopping with his sandals on.”

Mr. Abe: “I think I am an exception that I didn’t have my leg amputated, thought I suffer from diabetes I am surprised myself, over my recovery, it is really a miracle. I feel like I am having a dream when I walk down the street on my two legs, it’s almost like floating in the air.”

Announcer: “I was really surprised that a seriously diabetic patient recovered only using water.”

“This concludes this segment on miracle water. We hope you enjoyed it. For further information about this water please contact the TV station NNN, please refrain from contacting the hospital just to get information.”


Announcer: “It was found that atopic dermatitis – whose cause is unknown can be cured by the water. We will report on the amazing effects of this wondrous water.”
Announcer A: “Now, it is time for our Special Report. Atopic dermatitis is an illness accompanied by intense itchiness. Its cause is unknown. It was found that this difficult illness is cured by water.”

Announcer B: “We have been following patients with atopic dermatitis for six months and will now report on the amazing effects of this wonder water.”

Reporter: “Atopic dermatitis is painful, causing young children to cry all night because of the intense itchiness. They scratch so much that sometimes they wake up to their sheets stained with blood.”
[on screen] Father and child

Father: “My son gets itchy in the middle of the night and cries and scratches his body intensely. It happens every night. We can hardly sleep. So, we are deprived of sleep all the time.”

Reporter: “In order to suppress the severe inflammation, doctors use adrenocortical hormones, or steroids. Even ifs patient recovers temporarily, the condition repeatedly comes back, and the long time use of large amounts of steroids causes a reduction in immunity, a lowering of the functions of the adrenal gland, cataract problems and other side effects. Recently, concerned parents of young patients have steered away from steroids. Now, this new water treatment has entered the spotlight many patients visit Akashi Hospital which is 5 minutes by car from Nishi Akashi Station of Shinkansen (Bullet Train).”

[on screen] Dr. Shinkai
Dr. Shinkai: “Recently many patients have turned away from steroids. They go to many different hospitals before finally ending up here.”

[on screen] twins
Reporter: “Twin sisters Saki and Yu Matsubara visited Doctor Shinkai at Akashi Hospital. Their parents wanted them to be cured from atopic dermatitis without using steroids. Their bodies are red and covered with rashes.”

[on screen] Dr. Shinkai and twins
Dr. Shinkai: “O.K., where do you want it next? How about your hands?”

Reporter: “For intense itchiness and inflammation, this strong hyperoxidized water of pH 2.6 which was especially developed for medical use is applied. And for curing atopic dermatitis from inside the body, patients drink alkaline water. Both types are created by electrolysis. You can create this water from an electrolyzer for home use.”

[on screen] Twins, drinking high alkaline water
Dr. Shinkai: “Although I don’t force my patients to drink more than they can, by merely drinking electrolyzed alkaline water everyday, the skin becomes really clean in about 3 to 4 months.”

Reporter: “There is an unavoidable problem with this water treatment. When patients stop using steroids, they face withdrawal symptoms and the situation is rough for a while.”

[on screen] Mr. Tomita
Reporter: “Mr. Tomita of Kyoto was told by Dr. Shinkai in detail about the withdrawal symptoms, so he was able to consent to the treatment of his one-year old son, Ryuki without hesitation.”

[on screen] Ryuki
Reporter: “Look, the area around Ryuki’s mouth used to be this bad, but now after five months of water treatment, it has gotten this clean.”

[on screen] Left: While using steroids Right: Five months after beginning water treatment

Reporter: “None of the atopic dermatitis remains on his elbows or behind his knees. He now has his clean, transparent, infant skin back.”

[on screen] Ryuki’s grandfather
Grandfather: “It was really bad when the treatment first began. He was covered with blood. But the bleeding would stop when we’d wipe him with tissue paper soaked in that water we get from Akashi Hospital. I am just amazed that he was cured to this degree just by water.”

[on screen] Bottles of high alkaline water
Reporter: “Akashi Hospital is sending electrolyzed alkaline and hyperoxidized water to patients at cost.”

[on screen] Ryuki
Reporter: “Eleven months after he started water treatment, Ryuki was doing fine without any recurrence of the illness. He is now healthy enough to be able to eat eggs, which he had not been able to eat because they had previously been identified as allergens.”

Mother: “Ryuki has a big appetite. He eats more than adults. He has a lot of energy now, is more active and has more facial expressions.”

[on screen] Saki and Yu
Reporter: “It has been four months since Saki and Yu switched from steroids to water treatment. The redness has gradually subsided and the symptoms are improving. They have only mild itchiness.”

Reporter: “Their mother purchased this equipment as soon as it was put on the market. This machine creates exactly the same highly disinfectant, hyperoxidized water as that created by the larger equipment for medical use. How much improvement can you see in their atopic dermatitis after treatment with these waters?”
Dr. Shinkai: Since August, I have seen about 2000 new patients. I think that in about 4 months, 80-90% of them will be cured, and if those who take a little longer are included, almost everyone will be cured.”

[on screen] Dr. Kameyama, Kitazato Medical Research Center Hospital
Reporter: “Experiments have been conducted to prove that electrolyzed alkaline water is effective in curing rash, too.”

[on screen] Mouse
Dr. Kameyama: “Experiments were done in which DNFB (a benzene compound that causes a
rash) was applied to the right ears of two rats to see if any difference would be seen between the methods of treatment. As you can see, the rash on the right ear of the mouse that was given alkaline water to drink has clearly gotten better compared to the rash on the mouse that was given only regular tap water.”

[on screen] Saki and Yu
Reporter: “It has been 7 months since Saki and Yu started water treatment.”
Doctor Shinkai: “Yes, their skin became so clean. These two girls were really in bad condition. The redness and itchiness were very severe. It would have been clear to anyone that their Condition was serious. Even so, their skin became this clean.”
Mother: “Finally, in the last week or so, they stopped waking up in the middle of the night.”

Reporter: “For the first time since the twins were bon5 the Matsubara family welcomed in the new year without cries at night. There will be pictures in the album of twins with clean skin from now on.”

Announcer A: “As you see, the hyperoxidized water does not have an immediate effect on atopic dermatitis. They say that you should expect to wait for about 6 months before you see the change.”

Announcer B: “It may take some time before you see the change, but it is water you are taking during that time, so there are no side effects.”

Announcer A: “Yes. And if you were on steroids prior to water treatment, they say that it will take three months longer. This water treatment is also effective on adult cases of atopic dermatitis.

We will report on this in the second report in this series.”


Announcer A: “This is the second in a series of Special Reports on curing dermatitis by wonder water. Last week we broadcast a report on water treatment for a case of children’s atopic dermatitis. We received a great response from the audience. Today, we will report on an adult case of atopic dermatitis.”

Announcer B: “Recently, it is said that there are more cases of atopic dermatitis in adults than there are in children. Water treatment is also being found to be greatly effective on adult patients. This is a report on patients who were observed for almost a year.”

[on screen] Kenji Takahashi
Kenji: “It still itches.”

Reporter: “You can’t sleep at night, can you?”

Kenji: “No, not at all. I wake up every hour.”

Reporter: “Atopic dermatitis is a battle against incurable itchiness. Kenji Takahashi has been suffering from rashes since he was a toddler. Recently, his symptoms suddenly grew worse and he visited Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital in Saitama Prefecture.”

Dr. Kameyama: “Kenji Takahashi, right? What bothers you?”

Kenji: “I have atopic dermatitis and it itches really bad.”

Doctor: “Can you show it to me? Ah, it is bad, isn’t it? It looks very itchy.”

[on screen] Graph
Reporter: “Atopic dermatitis used to be considered a child’s illness. However, two thirds of the cases are found in adults. Sometimes the adult symptoms are more severe than those of children.”

Kenji’ mother: “This is when he was three years old and he started to see a doctor. He had rashes on his cheeks and hands where the skin is soft.”

Reporter: “Doctors use adrenocortical hormones, or steroids, to treat atopic dermatitis.”

Mother: “It becomes much better for a while with this drug, but if you stop using it, the rash becomes worse than before.”

Reporter: “Worried about side effects, Kenji stopped using steroids a week ago on his own. In reaction, his itchiness increased and the symptoms worsened. Urged by Dr. Kameyama, he decided to go through the two kinds of water treatment.”

[on screen] hyperoxidized water at a pH of 2.5
Reporter: “For severe inflammation, he uses this strong hyperoxidized water, which has been developed for medical use.”

Dr. Kameyama: “I want you to drink three liters of this water everyday, five liters if you can.”

Reporter: “To treat atopic dermatitis from inside the body, he drinks a second type of water, electrolyzed alkaline water. This water can be produced by an electrolyzing machine for home use. Kenji, eager to be cured, started in drinking five liters of alkaline water a day.”

Reporter: “In this positive environment, Kenji has shown great improvement.”

[on screenl Kenji’s skin after 11 days of water treatment
Dr. Kameyama: “The biggest difference I can see is that the redness all over his body has subsided. I’m amazed myself.”

Reporter: “Twenty days after Kenji started the water treatment, a more amazing thing happened.”

[on screen] Left: Kenji’s skin at the time of hospitalization Right: 20 days later
Doctors, nurses, Kenji: “No rash, nothing at all.”

Reporter: “Doctors and nurses alike are completely amazed. Needless to say, Kenji went home in high spirits.”

Reporter: “However, after going back to a different environment, that of the work place, pigmentation occurred, darkening his skin. One reason for this regression was stress, which shows how difficult it is to cure atopic dermatitis.”

Reporter: “Recently, due to fear of side effects, the number of people who have stopped using steroids has been increasing. This can be harmful.”

[on screenl Tomomi Arii
Reporter: “Tomomi Arii suffered from a serious case of a topic dermatitis and was hospitalized four times during her junior high and senior high years. The steroids stopped working and, under her doctor’ s guidance, she started to gradually cut down on them and switched over to water treatment.

Reporter: “Even so, withdrawal symptoms appeared. Her face became swollen and she suffered from high fever. Cutting steroids on your own without a doctor’s guidance can more than you can handle. It is important that you see a physician.”

[on screen] Tomomi, 4 months after water treatment
Reporter: “Since switching to water treatment, Tomomi has been improving. Her face was always swollen when she was using steroids. But this is her face after four months of water treatment.”

[on screen] Tomomi, 6 months after water treatment
Reporter: “After six months, her skin greatly improved and the itchiness subsided. Her arms also show great improvement.”

Reporter: “How has the itchiness changed now that you’ve started water treatment compared to when you used steroids?”

Tomomi: “It has absolutely decreased.”
[on screen] Mr, Kondo (62 years old)

Reporter: “Who could believe that Mr. Kondo who lives in Kyoto, suffered from atopic dermatitis and its side effects for 30 years? Only nine months ago, he had severe rash even on his abdomen. Since then, he has been drinking alkaline water and now the skin is this clean. His hands looked like an elephant’s skin, but now they also look totally different. His feet, once swollen from the use of steroids, are looking perfectly normal.”

Mr. Kondo: “I don’t think it will recur. I hope everyone who suffers from atopic dermatitis will be cured by this water.”

[on screen] Kenji
Reporter: “Kenji Takahashi, who had skin discoloration or pigmentation, has continued to drink electrolyzed alkaline water. He also purchased an electrolyzer that creates strong hyperoxidized water, and is treating himself. His skin color is coming back to normal little by little.”

Reporter: “How has the itchiness changed compared to when you used steroids?”
Kenji: “There is none now.”

Reporter: “Kenji says that people don’t stare at him like they used to.”

Announcer A: “Even those who had suffered for thirty years were cured, weren’t they?”

Announcer B: “Yes. There is one thing we have to be careful about. It was reported that when those who have been using steroids for many years suddenly stop, their condition might worsen due to withdrawal symptoms, but if they persevere through that period, about six months in general, their skin condition will improve. Please see a physician for this water treatment.”

Announcer A: “The hospital that we introduced today is Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital at Kitazato City, Saitama Prefecture.”

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