All the Benefits of Akaline Water

What will alkaline water do for my health?

Contaminants Gone!

What peace of mind to know that the Biostone water filter — part of every Jupiter water ionizer — represents the state of the art in water filtration. Chlorine, heavy metals, parasites, organic hydrocarbons and a long list of other contaminants never reach your lips.

Can this be measured? Yes, See the lab results.

Ionized Water restores your body’s acid and alkaline balance.

“Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity” Dr. Robert Atkins, noted author, health and diet expert.

Jupiter Water Ionizers help neutralize this acid condition. Just by supplying your daily drinking and cooking water from this alkaline water purifier (high pH), you can restore a healthy alkaline environment in your body. This process is detoxification; and there’s a vast body of research about the importance of maintaining a proper acid / alkaline balance Read On.

Can this be measured? Yes, watch the demo here, or see our Lab results on Ionized water


Need more energy?

The single most reported benefit from our customers is: “I have more energy!”

“It’s great to be able to run up and down stairs again without hindrance.” (B.H.)

You’ll be drinking a powerful antioxidant

This is the outstanding benefit of using a water ionizer. Of all other types of water commonly available today, ONLY alkaline ionized water (also known as “reduced” water) is strongly antioxidizing.

Fortunes are spent on antioxidizing vitamins (such as Vitamine C and E), enzymes, herbs and foods in order to prevent cancer. Yet a glass of alkaline water has more antioxidant power than fresh orange juice! Antioxidants are one of the chief keys to longevity: a longer life with less degeneration of body tissues. Like the fabled glacial water of the Hunzas — the longest lived people on the planet — our water ionizers give you minerals plus antioxidant all at once.

Can this be measured? Yes, watch the demo here, or See the antioxidant drink‘s comparison.

To find out what antioxidant water can mean to your health, read on: Antioxidant Alkaline Water.

And here’s something that will really catch your attention: take a look at the new theory linking alkaline water to anti-aging, or reverse aging.

Adds healthy minerals to your diet

Ionized water is an excellent and convenient way to add alkaline minerals to your diet. Not only are calcium and magnesium needed to protect you from osteoporosis, but there is now strong evidence that magnesium in your drinking water prevents heart and cerebrovascular diseases. (See Articles and Research.) It is precisely these minerals that are concentrated through the water ionization process.

Can this be measured? Yes. See our Mineral Analysis

Proper hydration

Proper hydration is an essential key to health and fitness. And here’s the verdict on drinking alkaline water from the toughest judges –powerlifters: It quenches!

A primary cause of disease is thought to be chronic cellular dehydration. For example, dehydration is the second major cause of hypertension, currently affecting the health of over 55 million North Americans. But with an endless stream from your alkaline water machine, you won’t have to worry about proper hydration anymore: When your tap water is delicious, you don’t have to remember to drink more water!

“I love to drink it. It restored my natural thirst, and I only realized I had lost it when it came back.” (B.B.)
“I never used to drink a lot of water because I simply didn’t like the acidic taste in it. When I began to drink the soft and refreshing ionized water, my whole body responded.” (A.B.)

The superior hydrating quality of ionized water (sometimes called “microclustered water“)is thought to be related to its smaller molecular clusters.

Learn more about dehydration and what athletes have to say about proper hydration.

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