Anxiety/Depression and Ionized Water

By Russell Symonds creator of the website “Science of Wholeness”

I am 45 and suffered severely from anxiety and depression for approximately 30 years. It got worse during high school and made my life as miserable as possible.

Anxiety and Depression: a personal experience with the power of raw food and ionized water

After a few massive anxiety attacks in 1982, I became almost permanently agoraphobic. In order to avoid terrible panic, I always had to stay within my local neighborhood or within the city limits. This problem was a disaster for dating. As I grew older, I became more and more angry and cynical. I would lose my temper and break things, sometimes items that I cherished and loved. I must have thought of a hundred different ways to end it all, but was too afraid to try anything…

This problem was a disaster for dating.

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, I tried in vain to find the cause of my suffering through doctors, psychiatrists, etc., only to be severely disappointed by their diagnoses. It seemed FAR worse than just “anxiety neurosis” or the later diagnosis of “anxiety disorder”. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I had to have heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, stroke, tumors, diabetes or any combination of the above! You name it, I thought I had it. But, over and over, all my tests revealed nothing substantial or really significant.

I tried counseling, Christianity, Christian and Religious science, Eastern religions, meditation, yoga, and positive thinking for many years, but still, my problems only got worse. Throughout this time I tried various medications such as imipramine, Xanax, tranxene, and Buspar. They were expensive and only gave me very disruptive and embarrassing side effects with no benefits. In fact, it seemed every medication I tried only made my symptoms (depression, panic attacks, spaciness, memory lapses, vertigo, fatigue, and frightening heart symptoms) much worse.

They were expensive and only gave me very disruptive and embarrassing side effects with no benefits.

I eventually became so frustrated and upset with medications, I PERMANENTLY stopped taking them, especially with having to wait for so many weeks for them to “work” only to find they had the opposite effect! This is NOT to discourage others who are trying medications, especially now that there are so many more available that act faster and have fewer side-effects.

Forced in my situation to try something different, I looked into such things as diet, herbs, and alternative medicine. I tried experimenting with diet for many years, but with only limited results. However, the results were enough to convince me to look even further into the subject of nutritional therapy. By the late 80’s, I had finally developed an “Atkins” type diet high in raw fruit/vegetable juices, cooked green vegetables, and complete proteins, such as fish, chicken and organ meats plus many herbal and vitamin supplements.

This new diet actually seemed to keep my depression and anxiety under control while the prescription medicines I tried only made it worse. As I continued throughout the ’90s to “tinker” around with my diet, I found, even more, foods that helped and was able to identify foods that did not.

I continued to tinker with my diet and I found foods that helped

At the end of April, in the year 2000, I transitioned over to an “ovo-vegetarian” 100% raw food diet (including eggs, bee pollen, nuts, seeds and spirulina, fruits, greens, vegetables, herbs, etc.) with such improvement in my overall health and mental well-being, I have ever since quite strongly condemned the practice of cooking good food and eating meat and pasteurized/homogenized dairy products. I still felt anxious and agoraphobic, but everything seemed easier to manage.

My next big breakthrough came with the discovery of negatively charged, ionized (alkalized) “microwater” while searching on the Internet for a good substitute for a powerful, but expensive, antioxidant I was taking. In the beginning of May 2002, I set up a water ionizer next to my kitchen sink and started drinking loads and loads of the most delicious water I ever tasted in my life, thinking this was going to help stop the aging process and help me feel a little better.

It seemed to do everything and more. I was fascinated by how this simple machine could turn mere tap water into seemingly endless amounts of the most useful, healing, powerful, free-radical deactivating and purifying fluid I ever drank, actually replacing some of the food and antioxidants I used to need and, therefore, reducing my weekly organic and health-food grocery bill by 50% or more.

Most importantly, negatively-ionized water has actually reduced my anxiety quite significantly

Most importantly, negatively-ionized water has actually reduced my anxiety quite significantly, to the point where I no longer even feel it! There is a scientific explanation for this: when filtered water is charged with the negative side of a platinum-coated electrode (cathode), its pH (power of hydrogen) is increased, usually from around a pH of 6.5 up to 9 or 10. Being “microwater” — or water that clumps together in units of 5 molecules each instead of the usual 12 or so water molecules per cluster (as with regular non-ionized water) — it can hydrate living tissue much more thoroughly, and dissolve and transport nutrients much more efficiently than any other form of water.

It easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts as a buffer for metabolic by-products such as lactic acid, which has been scientifically proven to be the most likely cause of common anxiety disorders. In other words, my brain was too acidic, and at first, the alkalinity naturally present in most raw foods helped to neutralize some of this acidity, creating some improvement.

But this very alkaline, negatively ionized water, has REALLY helped. The ionized water combined with my 100% raw food diet, antioxidants, herbs, etc. all work together to turn my depression and anxiety into just pure bliss! All the physical symptoms, such as rapid and skipping heartbeats, etc. I used to have, have completely disappeared.

Everyone’s situation is unique, so I can’t guarantee the same improvements I enjoy from a 100% raw food diet, herbs and antioxidant water, etc. Also, my story and physiological explanations for my recovery are much more complicated than what I can write down within the limited space here.

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