Best Water Filter Club – USA

You can become a member of the Best Water filter club and have your replacement filters auto shipped at 6, 8, 10 or 12 months intervals as it suits the needs of your household. More people using the ionizer calls for replacing filters more often.

Auto-shipment will save you time and money! You won’t need to remember when to shift filter and we give you a special offer:

Filter club members in the US save $5 on a filter. Filter club members in Canada save $7 on a filter. You will pay shipping, but we won’t charge you a handling fee.

Call a Product Specialist toll-free 1-877-770-5247 to sign up for auto-shipment of the replacement filters. You can cancel at any time by calling us again.

We offer auto-shipment of:


 Biostone Plus Filter Biostone Plus Filter
Athena filter Athena Sediment Filter
Athena Filter Combo-0 Athena Combo (several combos available – talk with the Product Specialist)
  Biostone Ultrafine Filter
  Regency II Filter
Remin Max Filter
Anywater replacements cartridges 3pack
Vitashower cartridge
Fluoride-Arsenic Shield without Housing-347 Fluoride Arsenic Shield (external)

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