Biostone Standard Generic Replacement Filter

USD $59.95


Jupiter Compatible Biostone Standard Replacement filter that fits Athena, Delphi, Melody Venus, Orion, Neptune, Microlite, Aquarius, and Elite.

  • Compatible Replacement Filter for Jupiter Ionizers
  • Made in Korea
  • Biostone 0.1 M/Filtration capacity: 3,000l
  • This filter is a compatible replacement made by Korean OEM manufacturer.
  • Compatible Models: Delphi, Athena (2nd generation), Isis, Melody, Venus, Orion, Aquarius, Neptune, Mavello, MicroLite, Regency X, Regency Elite, 
  • Fits Models:
    • Aquarius JP-108
    • Athena JS-205
    • Mavello JP-101
    • Melody JP-104
    • MicroLite JP-107
    • Miracle JP-102,
    • Neptune JP-101
    • Orion JP-109
    • Regency X
    • Regency Elite
    • Ultra-Delphi IO400U
    • Venus JP-107

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Weight 1.4 lbs


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Biostone 0.1 Standard Generic Replacement Filter

Biostone Standard Generic Replacement Filter

USD $59.95

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