How to choose a Shower filter

Choosing a Shower Filter

How the Right Shower Filter Can Save Your Life

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Imagine: your shower can actually save and prolong your life. Sure, in today’s health-conscious crazy world, just about any product boasts about extending your life. But new shower filter technologies can, in fact, prevent a host of serious diseases associated with regular exposure to chlorine in your hot shower.

We jump in and out of our showers in an unconscious daily routine. But chlorine is the main culprit behind many health warnings. Although a toxic chemical, chlorine was initially utilized by water treatment plants due to its ability to reduce harmful biological agents such as viruses and bacteria. But the chlorine disinfecting the water is also harmful to the human body, both in our drinking water and from our showers and baths. Even shower steam contains potent amounts of chlorine, almost 100 times the amount in the water itself.

Adverse effects of chlorine on the body are now well documented. Studies conducted by various respected institutions have concluded the following detriments to continued use of chlorinated water:

  • Irritation to the eyes and throat
  • Damage to the upper respiratory tract
  • Risk of bladder or rectal cancer increases substantially
  • Increased chance of heart attacks

Long term risks include oxidation (cell and tissue aging),and hardened arteries. Short terms risks include skin, eye or sinus irritation in some people. All told, chlorine may contribute directly and indirectly to hundreds, perhaps thousands of fatal conditions.

Chlorine isn’t the only menace present in the water supply. Chloroform, a known carcinogen, DCA (Dichloro acetic acid), and MX all show up in your morning shower. Some of these chlorine by-products are known cancer-causing agents. This is damage to your health you can do without!

Many in the scientific and public community have regarded tap water as unsafe to drink. Now more are awakening to the dangers of bathing in untreated water. Yet while bottled water and faucet filters seemed to circumvent the tap water issue, the dilemma of daily shower security had remained. But a solution was right on the horizon.

Safety in the Shower
The dangers have been met by a flood of new and improved shower filters that reduce or eliminate deadly chlorine and other hazardous chemicals in treated water. Attached simply to your existing shower head, these filters treat the water before it flows out the shower head. Beside reducing risk of disease, other marked improvements in body health with chlorine removal include:

  • healthier-looking skin
  • softer, more manageable hair
  • less dry skin and scalp
  • longer life for color-treated hair

Many shower filters last for thousands of gallons. Now, some fortunate owners enjoy chlorine-free water, and an odorless, clean, shower–year round.

Obviously, the flood of shower filters has led to products that are not as successful at chlorine removal as others. But given the proper research, the right shower filter can be found quite easily. Shower filters with Vitamin C filtration systems — popular because of their non-toxicity and gentleness on tender skin — have been proven very effective at chlorine removal.

Given the facts, a properly functioning high quality shower filter can prolong your years and health. Perilous showers and industrial chemical baths can now be a thing of the past. Kill the chlorine with a shower filter…today.
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