drinking water options pros and cons

We all need to drink water every day. We take it for granted, but the type of water we drink can have a dramatic impact on our well-being.

Do you trust the water you’re drinking? Are you aware of what is really in that drinking water? Let’s find out if you’re making the right choice…

Bottled Water

Bottled water has exploded in popularity. It’s the perfect water choice of Costco crowds. Cheap, easy and a brand we trust.


  • The plastic bottles leach toxins into the water.
  • Only a small percentage of the bottles get recycled. The rest pollute oceans and landfills.
  • 50% of bottled waters are filtered tap water.
  • Some families spend as much for bottled water as they do for gasoline!

The only benefit of bottled water is that it’s easy and portable.

Tap Water

Tap water is a good option in many cases. Municipalities put considerable effort into reducing toxins in their water supplies.

The downside of drinking tap water is that added chlorine and fluoride kill bacteria and other harmful living things in the water but, are also very harmful to humans. These chemicals are not removed by most home water filters.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

RO systems effectively remove almost everything from water.

However, the way RO systems remove toxins from water means that beneficial minerals are also removed. These minerals are essential to our health.

Another problem with RO water is that it is acidic. Acidity in the body is associated with many diseases.

Basic Water Filters

These include filters built into fridge doors or plastic pitchers that filter tap water.

These filters remove simple contaminates, but they leave dangerous toxins behind. The result of these type of filters is unhealthy water that tastes good.

Be aware that if you don’t change the filter regularly, bacteria, algae, fungi, mold and even yeast can begin to grow in there and end up in your water.

Advanced Filter Systems

Another option for drinking water is advanced filter systems like the following:

  • Entire home systems that filter your drinking and wash water.
  • Countertop systems that attach to the faucet.
  • Under-counter systems that splice into your water line.

The benefits depend on the quality of the filter that is being used. When combined with a pre-filter system to remove fluoride, they can eliminate almost all known contaminants.

And unlike RO, these systems retain the healthy minerals in your water – even turning the water alkaline – for added health benefits.

Using some kind of water filter is almost essential in the world we live in. Picking the right one can be a complicated but rewarding journey as you are able to relax, knowing you are quenching your thirst with health-giving, toxin-free water.

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