Should I be cooking with alkaline water, as well as drinking it?

cooking with alkaline waterNormally the water that’s best for drinking from your ionizer will be between 8.0 and 9.0 on the pH scale. However, for cooking, we can crank up the ionizer to the high setting to create strong alkaline water in the range of 10 to 12 pH.

Water this strong is not the best for drinking, but it has some fantastic benefits for cooking

Yes, in fact, your food will taste better and your body will assimilate the nutrients more readily. You will notice the difference especially at the most alkaline settings (higher pH).

Your greens will be greener, rice fluffier, tea and coffee tastier.

  • Soak your rice in alkaline water.
  • Eliminates bitterness in coffee and tea
  • Use alkaline water in your smoothies for better flavor and to help get more beneficial nutrients from the food.

And besides cooking, there are many other uses for alkaline water (and the acid water that is a byproduct of your ionizer) around your home!

Best Water FAQ topic: Cooking with Alkaline Water

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