Benefits of Dissolved Hydrogen (H2)

Antioxidant, Dissolved Hydrogen Documented To Be Beneficial in More Than 150 Diseases

Unmasking the Antioxidant Health Trend…

Simply the Most Potent and Effective Antioxidant, Dissolved Hydrogen Has Been Documented To Be Beneficial in More Than 150 Diseases…

          Japan 2007: The highly respected Nature Journal publishes a scientific study conducted by Dr Ossawa, MD that discovers that Hydrogen (H2) is a selective antioxidant.  Just a few short years later, molecular hydrogen products became a billion dollarindustry in Japan…

            We’ve all been told that taking antioxidants are good for our health in today’s polluted society, but did you know that not all free-radicals are bad, and that some are beneficial?  What if taking regular antioxidants meant that you would be killing not only the bad free-radicals but the good ones as well?

            What made Dr Ossawa’s findings so remarkable is that being a selective a selective antioxidant, H2 will only neutralize damaging free radicals.  H2 will not react with beneficial signaling oxidants like hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, superoxide etc which are required for cellular immunity, blood perfusion (vasodilatation – can we say erections?) and various cell signaling processes. 

No Harmful By-Products…

            On top of that after other antioxidants neutralize free radicals and achieve their goal, they effectively become oxidants themselves, which must be neutralized or removed. When H2 neutralizes harmful hydroxyl radicals, the by-product is water which is beneficial to the body and doesn’t require removal.

Readily Bioavailable…

                 In order for antioxidants to be useful, they need to reach cellular locations that are being damaged by toxic radicals. Most radicals are formed inside the mitochondria, which is difficult for conventional antioxidants to reach.  The main factor  in determining bioavailability is size.  Hydrogen gas is the smallest and lightest molecule.  It  weighs 88 times less than Vitamin C and a staggering 431 times less than Coenzyme Q10.  With its high diffusion rate, H2  permeates easily through  cell membranes and subcellular compartments (mitochondria), where other convention antioxidants just can’t reach. 

Here are what some famous people are saying about H2:

“The best endurance and recovery supplement I ever experienced… I recommend it to everybody who want to intensify their training…” – Daniel Hill, Professional IFBB Bodybuilder and Fitness model, 3x German Overall National Bodybuilding Champion, Overall Bodybuilding World champion, Youngest Professional Bodybuilder worldwide 2007-2012.

H2 Tablets “I started taking the hydrogen water since this past August and the results have been fantastic.  My training sessions have gotten better,  I’ve been able to train harder and longer!  I do NOT get winded very easily and when I do the recovery is amazing.  I would recommend this product to anybody looking to take it to the next level with their training.” – Kane Waselenchuk, Number #1 Ranked Racquetball Player in the World, 9-Time World Pro Champion(consecutive), 11-Time U.S. Open (consecutive).

“First time in 45 years in the nutritional industry my family asked for more product after trying it the night before. I love Hydrogen tablets. “ – Larry Thompson, Founder of Herbalife.

More than 500 scientific publications, including 30+ human studies, show that molecular hydrogen is involved in nearly every area of physiology – most critically at the cellular level.

            AquaH2 Hydrogen Tablets are the latest development for adding the amazing properties of Molecular Hydrogen to pure water. This unique patent-pending formula convert regular water to hydrogen-saturated alkaline water with the highest possible concentration of hydrogen.  We anticipate that Aqua H2 will ultimately emerge among the most important super-nutrition discoveries of the 21st Century.

Last updated: July 25, 2016

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