Ionizer Cleaning Cycle

Here is the situation: Water has minerals. Minerals will build up on the electrodes over time. The electrode is the piece of equipment in your ionizer that alters the quality of the water. Mineral build up or “scaling” decreases an electrode’s ability to transform the water. The compromised electrode will then not be able to transform the water efficiently – unable to give you the benefits you bought the ionizer for in the first place. That’s why it’s important to understand the Ionizer Cleaning Cycle.

Understanding the Cleaning Cycle of Water Ionizers

Ionizer Cleaning CycleWe drink alkaline water to enjoy the benefits created by the transformation of water through ionization.

Before you buy an ionizer it is crucial you understand its cleaning cycle. In fact, the cleaning cycle is one of the most important considerations because it determines how well your ionizer will perform over the long haul.

Here are the details: each electrode has either a positive or negative polarity. Reverse polarity simply switches the charge. While it is true that all ionizers clean through what is known as “reverse polarity cleaning” – all reverse polarity cleaning cycles are certainly not created equal.

There are two parts to reverse polarity cleaning:

  • A reversal of the polarity of the electrodes which repels anything that is sticking there.
  • A washing or “bathing” of the electrodes in acidic water – the only effective way to clean scale

These important aspects determine the efficacy of the cleaning cycle:

1. For optimal cleaning, the ionizer must feature a good acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio. The more acidic water is run to bath the electrodes the cleaner the ionizer and the greater its performance and longevity. This is not unlike putting in extra “elbow grease” to clean a tough spot – a brief once-over will often not do the job effectively.

2. The way an ionizer is “programmed” to clean is crucial in determining the cleaning ratio. Some units clean each time you start water flow (you must either wait or override the cycle). Some units operate on a timer system that initiates cleaning on an interval such as every 12 hours. Some are set to trigger cleaning after a set volume of water passes through the ionizer. Some even require manual cleaning, where the user has to initiate cleaning. Each has its drawbacks: you can forget to trigger a manual cycle, you have to wait or override a pre-use cycle, the timer based systems and in fact, all these systems have poor acidic to alkaline cleaning ratios (or not enough elbow grease). The final drawback is that with each of the above systems you have to wait for the cycle to complete before you can receive alkaline drinking water.

AlkaViva R & D sets the standard

The AlkaViva Melody was the first to set an industry standard by employing an Automatic Post-use Self Cleaning mechanism – meaning it cleans automatically in the background after each and every use. This provides a better acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio than other reverse polarity ionizers.

Additionally, with its Patented Reversible Chamber you never have to wait to get your alkaline water – an industry first!

However, even though Emco Tech (the manufacturer of AlkaViva ionizers) had created the most advanced patented cleaning system they did not stop there:

The revolutionary new patented DARC cleaning system eliminates mineral scaling – protecting your investment and ensuring many, many years of healthy water from your ionizer. The new cleaning system is 100% effective because it creates a true 1:1 acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio. The importance of this breakthrough cannot be understated.

DARC stands for Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning. The DARC system achieves the 100% effective 1:1 acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio by cleaning while you are making alkaline water – each and every time. They accomplish this by reversing the polarity every 20 seconds. Therefore if you run the DARC cell for 40 seconds you get 20 seconds of one polarity and then 20 seconds of reversed polarity. You also never have to wait for or even think about your cleaning cycle. The revolutionary patented DARC Cleaning System is also a standard feature on the AlkaViva Athena and AlkaViva Vesta models.

Easy. Elegant. Effective.

…only from AlkaViva: #1 in Water Ionization Technology Worldwide.

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