hydrating benefits of alkaline ionized water

Hydrating Benefits of Alkaline Water

The importance of hydration

There is nothing more important for our body than water. Two-thirds of us is water! Our body must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. 2.5 litres of water is lost each day through normal bodily functions, and this must be replaced.

Research has shown that proper hydration may minimize chronic pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain and colitis, as well as lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Many health practitioners advise that if we simply drank enough water to keep our bodies sufficiently hydrated, many of the chronic diseases we find today would be seriously abated. See “Dehydration’s Hidden Symptoms”

For example, a recent University of Washington study revealed drinking five glasses of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer 79%, the risk of bladder cancer 50%, and the risk of colon cancer by 35%.

How much water should you drink? The recommended amount has traditionally been 8 cups per day. How much you really need to drink depends on your body size, activity level and the air temperature. Experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest dividing your weight in half and using this number as the ounces of water you should consume daily.

In my professional and scientific view, it is dehydration that is the biggest killer, more than any other condition you can imagine.” Dr. F. Batmangelidj, author ” Your Body’s Many Cries For Water.”

It sounds incredible, but most people are dehydrated, and they do not even know it. They don’t necessarily have dry mouths, parched lips and thirst pangs. The drinks they consume, especially alcoholic, sweet tasting and caffeine drinks, mask or shut down their sense of thirst.” David Niven Miller, “Grow Youthful”.

Studies with MRI reveal that the molecules of alkaline water are clustered in smaller groups (thus “microwater” or “micro structured water”). This smaller cluster size is thought to explain why athletes and people from all walks of life report feeling so well hydrated from ionized water.(See testimonials). This theory is based on this research.

 Michael ‘Rocky’ Katsidis, Champion Boxer
The alkaline ionised mineral water…has proved to be a wonderful partner in helping me move through the various stages to achieve a world championship. The ability of alkaline water to quickly hydrate my body cells, provide dissolved oxygen, act as an antioxidant, and help metabolise lactic acid buildup, is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a world champion”

Drink WaterTo learn more about the symptoms of dehydration: how to identify and correct them–see our Article on Proper Hydration.

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Last updated: July 25, 2016

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