Ionized Water Crystals: Masaru Emoto

Ionized Water Crystals: Masaru Emoto

Ionized Water Under the Microscope of Masaru Emoto

We’re pleased to announce the testing of AlkaViva (formerly Jupiter) Water Ionizers by Masaru Emoto!

M. Emoto, Doctor of Alternative Medicine, was introduced in the 1990’s to microclustered (ionized) water and to the technology of Magnetic Resonance Analysis. He then began a quest to uncover the mysteries of water. Renowned internationally, Emoto has published several volumes of Messages from Water, containing photographs of water crystals. His work has also been featured in the film “What the Bleep…” Experiments consist of exposing water to different words, pictures or music; then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.

The images of AlkaViva Ionized Water on this page were taken by Mr. Emoto April 12, 2007. They show Tokyo tap water before and after being passed through a Jupiter Orion ionizer. “Deepen your understanding and interest toward water when you see the photographs that are reported here.” (M.E.)

BEFORE (Tap Water)
AFTER (Alkaline Water from Orion Ionizer)

Client: ION LIFE
Ionized Water Sample: Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer
Photography Conditions: -25 degrees
Freeze Time: 4 hrs
Observation Temperature: -3 degrees
Apparatus: Olympus Optical Microscope

The water purifier that created this crystal has been advanced to a newer model. View it here.


Mr. Emoto has added watermarks to the crystal pictures created and authorized by his laboratory at I.H.M. If you are in doubt about whether a water crystal picture is authentic, ask the vendor of a water system that displays advertising or a website with water crystal photographs for their watermark and letter of authorization from Mr Emoto. Unfortunately there are many imitators, often very actively displaying unauthorized crystal photos. Also, ask if the model you are interested in has been tested by Mr. Emoto, and what is the authorization number. The I.H.M authorization number for these images is ihm0705090676.

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