Ionized Water interview

Ionized Water interview

Interview with Mike Crowley, the owner of Best Water Inc.

1) How did you first find out about water ionizers, and how did you get involved in the business side of the industry?

A friend of mine asked me if I would mentor him in a business enterprise. Not a specific enterprise but just some sort of business, as he had never had the opportunity to engage in any sort of business.

I was ambivalent but gave him the task to find a product and a name and I would consider. He called me a short time later from a visit to Wisconsin where he had discovered a water ionizer at a friend’s home. He loved the water and called to say he had both found the product, ionization, and the name, Happy Molecules, later Best Water.

I was happy with the name but knew nothing of the product. We met and after talking and doing some research decided to purchase three units. Our agreement was to try the water for 30 days and if we both really liked it we would go into business. After the trial we went into business together.

2) Alkaline Water has been known to cause unbelievable health benefits. What’s the most astonishing change you’ve seen in a person who recently began to drink it?

A woman who had suffered from kidney disease all her life, found to her delight, that after drinking the alkaline ionized water for only 3 months all her symptoms had disappeared. She was taking prescription medication and amongst other things she always had to stay close to the bathroom. After just a few months she no longer needs her medication and has her life back again. Her 2 daughters who also had the same disease found that when they drank the alkaline ionized water their symptoms also disappeared.

3) Where do you see the ionizer industry in 5 years?

In North America, approximately tripled, dominated by a few proven companies, integrated into the traditional water purification industry. Tremendous growth in the cleaning applications of acid ionized water and of the Tennant patented technology. Wider availability of commercial water ionizers and use on dairy farms and other livestock operations.

4) What’s the most creative and interesting use you’ve found for your own water ionizer?

Although far from being the most remarkable healing story related to using ionized alkaline water this –at the time — was certainly creative. In the early days before anyone actually knew that this would work, I punched up the lowest setting on my ionizer and applied the acid water to my eczema. To my surprise it began to clear up and to this day whenever I have the slightest clue that the rash is coming on I soak the suspected area in acid water and it goes away. You may not think this terribly amazing unless you have suffered from eczema and tried dozens of different ‘guaranteed’ remedies to no avail. Now it’s common knowledge but then it was experimental and very creative.

5) Have you ever found there to be any negative effects of drinking alkaline water?

The only negative effect we have seen has come from the concentration of minerals in the ionized water. The ionizer concentrates minerals that are already present in the water. It is possible that someone will have a sensitivity to one or other of the minerals. We have found 2 people in the last 2 years that knew they were sensitive to certain minerals before they tried the ionizer but they really wanted to drink the water. In both those cases the customers found the water did not suit them due to the higher concentration of minerals.

6) Do you think there’s room for further improvement in ionizer technology? What would you like to see in the near future?

Cleaning technologies that even further extend the range of ionizers into areas of untreated hard water. Integrated pH measurements that are accurate and calibrated. Affordable small scale 24/7 commercial ionizers for farms, restaurants, and small bottlers.

7) North Americans have a bad reputation when it comes to eating habits. What do you think is one of the most damaging habits, common to North Americans, that we’d would be better off without?

#1 in my mind is drinking pop! Even if they’re totally addicted to sugar and junk food, the damage of pop is the worst. I’m sure you’ve heard that common phrase, that a person has to drink 37 glasses of water to re-establish alkalinity in the body to overcome just one can of cola.

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