Ionized water, also known as “microclustered” water

Microclustered Water

One of the best properties of alkaline, ionized water is the “microclustering” that takes place as result of ionization, or electrolysis – the same process that creates antioxidants (-ORP).

The water that comes from your kitchen sink is normally clustered in groups containing 10-20 molecules per cluster. These clusters are formed through hydrogen bonding – a weak type of bond that breaks and reforms very easily and is what gives water many of its unique properties.

The process of ionization changes the electrical properties in water (ORP) and ultimately weakens these bonds, restructuring the molecular clusters into roughly half their original size, or 5-8 molecules per cluster.

Ultimately, this allows for quicker penetration into the body’s cells through small channels called aquaporins. In 2003, Peter Agre of John Hopkins University was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work detailing the aquaporin or, as he called it, “The plumbing system for cells.” Aquaporins allow the water we drink to pass through the cell membrane one molecule at a time. When we drink micro-clustered water, the smaller, weaker clusters are able to release single molecules easier, allowing them to pass through the aquaporin more quickly, hydrating the cell faster.

Just as the small components of a watch or clock are important to its overall function, so are cells important to the human body and its overall function. When your cells are dehydrated, you are dehydrated.

When you are dehydrated, you can fall victim to a myriad of problems including headaches, low energy, allergies, joint pain, constipation, and many other unpleasant symptoms.

By the way, these smaller molecular clusters have been measured by NMR technology (nuclear magnetic resonance).

The half line width of 17-O NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) curve of natural Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water is around 80Hz which indicates smaller size of water clusters. On the other hand, the half line width of 17-O NMR curve of tap water, bottled water and other purified water is above 100Hz indicating large water clusters.

It’s interesting to know more about what happens when you’re drinking alkaline, ionized water, isn’t it? Its “micro-clustered” water molecules can help hydrate your cells quickly and effectively — a path to overall health and wellness!

Last updated: July 25, 2016

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