Ionized water and pets, owners testimonials


Alkaline water has long been acknowledged as a boon for cats, dogs, and horses. Here, pet owners speak for themselves.

My cat Bruce Was Constipated

At present, I have just my own testimonial re my cats and dog and some information about the placement of water and food relevant for cats and dogs and probably applies to other carnivores as well.

My cat Bruce became very badly constipated a couple of summers ago when he failed to come home for about two days during an intense heat wave. It cost hundreds of dollars to have the problem treated by the veterinarian who said he probably became very dehydrated and that that would’ve contributed to, if not caused constipation. To keep it from happening again it was important to make sure Bruce drank enough water. As it is with cats and anything that’s not their own idea, this was difficult to do.

I discovered that when I offered him freshly ionized water in a ceramic bowl he often drank much more than previously.

In my research, I encountered the theory that since cats are small animals subject to predation themselves, they like to have their food caches (or food bowls) in a place separate from where they sleep or hang out and where they get their water. The smell of the food could attract predators so they want to be farther away from it and also in terms of drinking water, the carcass could contaminate nearby water, so they are more likely to drink from somewhere farther away. This is an instinctive adaptation for them and likely adds to their stress when we ignore or are unaware of it.

When I moved the water bowls to completely different rooms from the food, I noticed immediately that both cats and the dog now drank a lot more water.

I also tried an experiment where I offered tap water and ionized water and they all three go for the ionized water first unless the ionized water was next to the food. In that case would often find them drinking older, staler water that was farther away from the food.

Due to his bout of constipation causing some damage to his colon, Bruce is now more prone to become constipated so it’s very important to keep him well hydrated. Since giving him access to lots of ionized water in numerous places in the house, away from his food, he drinks lots and is doing very well. In fact, at times when he sees me with a fresh glass of (ionized of course) water, he will let me know that I should refresh his bowl by trying to drink out of my glass!

Thanks for the opportunity to share this information with other animal lovers.

Allison Hill, Alberta

My Dog Chester Used to Have a Blue Film Over his Eyes

My dog, Chester, is 13 years old and has his own powerful testimonies about his life improving since beginning to drink alkaline ionized water. Chester used to have a blue film over his eyes, and after being on this water, that film is gone!

Gratefully, he has also lost 4 pounds. His energy is remarkably improved. He jumps and runs up and down the steps like he used to 5 years ago! Chester drinks and drinks this water. It used to be that he would drink two small dishes of regular water per day. Now he drinks about 5 or 6 dishes of alkaline water per day, and he drinks from the dish until the water is gone. It is as if he is craving the water. In fact, that is the first thing he does in the morning now. Instead of his old practice of first going to the door to go outside, now he goes to his water dish first and drinks and drinks.

Patricia P. Tennessee

My Dog Is In Less Pain

My dog is doing better, too. She is moving better, in less pain.

Kenneth G., Washington

Our Pets Were In Their Last Days But Survived Months Longer Than We Or Our Veterinarian Expected

…Lest you think it’s all in our minds, our 17 ½-year-old part Irish Wolfhound, Heidi, and our 24-year-old six-toed cat, Snowshoes, both sought the water bowls with the 9.5 pH water. Each time I put out 7.0, 8.5, and 9.5 pH water, switching both the bowls and the locations. We observed that they would taste their waters until they came to the 9.5 pH and only then stay and drink their fill. They were in their last days, but survived months longer than we or our veterinarian expected, to his amazement.

Gillian G., Indiana

Love Bird Sings Every Day For Hours Since She Is Drinking The Venus Filtered Water

Just to let you know that our love bird sings every day for hours since she is drinking the Venus filtered water.

Murray Chan, British Columbia

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