hourglass - how often should I replace my ionizer filterEvery ionizer has some sort of built-in mechanism that helps the user determine the approximate time to replace the filter. The types of filter change indicators and notifications will vary. However, it’s important to realize that these indicators are just estimates and are to be used as a guide only.

An LED indicator on the front panel gives an approximate indication of remaining filter life.

Generally, the standard Biostone filter lasts 8-12 months and the Ultrafine Biostone filter lasts 6-8 months. But this depends on the source of water and the amount of use. For example, if your tap water contains between 0.4 and 1.0 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine, a filter can last 12-16 months for one person’s use.

If greater than 1.0 ppm, the filter may last 9-12 months. A family of four on a typical North American water supply will use a filter every 12 months.

If you smell or taste chlorine in your water after it passes through the ionizer, you should change your filter immediately. If you find that the flow rate through your filter has decreased, it’s probably full of particles and now needs replacing.

By changing your filter at regular intervals, you are assured of the inner hygiene of the filter. If you have any questions about when to change your ionizer’s filter, or what’s the best type of replacement filter, feel free to call one of our friendly experts for help.

FAQ topic: When Should I Replace my Ionizer Filter?

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