The question comes up a lot from people who are getting ready to buy an ionizer, what type of water works best in an ionizer?

the best type of water to make ionized water contains mineralsThe short answer is:

“regular municipal tap water is best for your ionizer”

Water from distillers or reverse osmosis machines is devoid of minerals; therefore it cannot be ionized without the use of a remineralization cartridge (which we supply).

Regarding water from private wells: Water ionizers can be used with most well water.

The two most common problems found in well water are hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg, sulfur smell) and high iron content.

Both these conditions can often be remedied by proper pre-filtration. We carry a wide range of filter types that we can use to customize a solution that filters perfectly for the makeup of your water.

If you have a well, please call us first toll-free: 1-877-770-5247, preferably with a copy of your well’s water analysis.

In general, the mineral content of your source water directly affects the strength of ionized water you can produce. The more minerals, the stronger the ionization: higher alkalinity and higher antioxidant potential.

There is one type of water that can be challenging for ionizer and that is hard water. But we do have solutions for that as well – you’ll need to call us to make sure we can get you something that will work great for your area’s water.

For a complete understanding of water quality and how it affects ionization, you can take a look at the following research pdf. (It is a couple of years old now, and therefore uses the company name of AlkaViva, which has now become AlkaViva, but the information provided still applies and is very helpful.)


FAQ question: What Type of Water Works Best in an Ionizer?

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