Acid ionized water is destructive to bacteria and is astringent. Therefore there are many Uses for Acid Water, some expected and some surprising. We compiled this list to demonstrate the value of the “other” water that comes out of your Ionizer, it’s such a waste that most people just let it go down the drain!

As a result, it has found widespread application commercially in nurseries, surgeries, food preparation areas, sprout and wheatgrass growers, florists, hospitals, etc.

In the home it’s an excellent cleansing and sterilizing agent, with uses in the kitchen, for hair and skin care, extending the life of flowers, promoting plant growth and many others.

There are many uses for acid water. Though some people let it run down the sink, most do keep it, as it also has gone through the 9-stage filtration and been ionized like the alkaline water, and is therefore very strong clean water, too. You can’t drink it, but it has many uses.

pH 7 is neutral, but 8 is 10x stronger than 7 neutral, 9 is 100x, 10, the max that anyone should drink, is 1000x stronger than 7. Acidity works the same way: 6 is 10x more acidic than 7, 5 is 100x, 4 is 1000x, etc.

The Best Uses for Acid Water …

Watering plants: they prefer acid water generally. Just as we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and need alkaline water, so do plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and need the opposite water to us.

Veggie and fruit wash: just soak the produce a few minutes and scrub as you would with any veggie wash. It will get rid of germs, pesticides, etc. While you can use acid water to clean almost all fruits and vegetables, if they have waxes or oils on them (as with cucumbers and apples at times), use the highest alkaline water the machine will produce, made slowly, so as to concentrate it as much as possible. Acid water can’t take away waxes and oils but high alkaline water will. For the rest, use the acid water, as you get that anyway.

An Astringent & toner: good for washing your face daily, whether you’re a man or woman. It will improve skin over months from the outside-in, just as the alkaline water is improving it from the inside-out. People will notice the difference and ask what “products” you’re using, your skin looks so fresh and unblemished!

Soothing skin spray: during hot weather, put in a fine-spray bottle, spray face, hands, arms, etc. as you wish. Improves skin and soothes.

Rinse after brushing teeth: will prevent plaque, germs, gum-bleeding. Teeth are naturally brighter. Gargle when you have a sore throat.

Hair rinse: will make hair shiny, more soft and manageable. The scalp loves it. Just as the inside of our body is a little alkaline, the outside is a bit acidic and that acid mantle on the skin is important to maintain, as it is the first line of defense of the immune system against germs, molds, etc. in our environment.

Soaking Cut flowers: will make them last longer due to its antiseptic properties.

Underarm deodorant: especially the strongest acid water, which kills the bacteria that is the actual cause of the odor when we perspire! Put in a spray bottle for ease of use. Works for at least as long as most natural deodorants.

Good cleaner around the house: antiseptic, thus good for counters, cutting boards, floors, windows, etc.

Rinse water for dishes: germ-killing antiseptic water makes dishes really clean.

Laundry: breaks down the surface tension of the water and makes wash whiter, cleaner and brighter.

Sprouting: seeds/nuts/grains/beans – first soak them in acid water a few minutes to remove molds, dirt, pesticides, etc. Then soak them overnight in alkaline water overnight, drain in the morning. The seeds will be plumper, and the sprouts will form a lot faster if you rinse 1-2x/day in alkaline water. They will be full of life, bursting with vitality. I save all soaking waters to water plants with (even the alkaline water), there are so many nutrients in it.

Upset stomach–if you drink a glass or two, it will help normalize the acid/alkaline balance in the stomach and calm it down. Just take acid water internally for this only, and not on an ongoing basis, just occasionally as needed.

Skin conditions–relief and healing from dry, cracked skin, calluses, bug bites/stings, sunburn, mild burn from a stove, mild cuts, scrapes, scratches, sores, eczema, acne, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, poison ivy, etc.

 After soaking my feet in ionized acid water for 30 min I found myself wishing I had taken pictures before and after. Before the treatment, my feet were dry, cracking and rough with lots of calluses. After the first treatment almost all of the calluses wiped off and the skin looks and feels like I rubbed oil on them. You have a great product. Thanks for all your help.

~ Jim Lewey, Morrilton, AR

For all uses listed above, use any acid water that comes out of the machine. Although books will recommend one level or another, you can really use all levels on everything successfully. Except for this:

  • To get good medical-grade water, run the machine at the lowest acid setting slowly, to get the most concentrated acid water you can from the machine and use it directly or put it in a bottle to use over time. Unlike alkaline water, which can last about a week if you take good care of it, acid water lasts forever, if anything, becoming a bit more acidic over time.
  • You can soak the affected area or take a gauze bandage, soak it in the water and put it on with skin tape for at least 15 minutes one time a day. More often if you can. Remember that many skin conditions are due to diet, so you’ll get relief and some improvement, but that condition won’t really go away until the person stops eating the sugar, junk food, etc.–we all know that list!
  • Because it’s non-toxic, there are no side-effects, as with some other products.
  • Pets–also benefit if you put the medical acid water on hotspots, ear problems, itches, rashes, cuts, etc.
  • If you want to use this stronger antiseptic water for chopping boards or veggie wash, you can do that, too, it’s up to you. There are many other uses for this antiseptic water, many customers have told me they use it in the car garage for clean-up, or in the beauty salon for cleaning combs, brushes, the uses are quite varied. Let us know if you find a new use for it and we’ll at it on to the list with your name!

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