Vulcan Descaler Installation

Vulcan Descaler Installation

Vulcan Installation: The do-it-yourself alternative to softeners

Vulcan is especially designed so that the installation does not need to be done by a specialized plumber. You can easily install Vulcan in approx. 10-15 minutes. The installation does not require any tools and there is no need to cut the pipe.

Visit the Vulcan 3000 Descaler page.

Installation Manual

Notes on installation

  • For optimal water treatment Vulcan is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply.
  • The impulse band windings can be placed on the left side, on the right side or underneath the electronic device. Leave a safe distance of at least 1 cm (min. ~1/2”) from each other.
  • Vulcan can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any other angle. If there is no space available on the pipe the device can also be wall-mounted.
  • In case of limited space the windings can be placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the distributor pipe.

Residential Installation Instructions

  • Put the two band holders through the fixing holes at the bottom of the electronic device. Now place the device onto the pipe. Use the band holders to latch the device to the pipe.
  • Connect one of the impulse bands to the device and use another band holder to latch it to the pipe.
  • Wind the impulse bands around the pipe producing a coil. Make sure you wind the band tightly to the pipe and place the windings close to each other.
  • Latch the end of the band to the pipe using another band holder. Now repeat the procedure with the second impulse band.
  • Connect the power supply unit with an electrical outlet and plug the connector into the upper right in-jack of the device.
  • The red pilot lights will illuminate as soon as the device starts to operate. From now on, Vulcan works maintenance free!

General information

  1. Protect the power supply unit against exposure to direct water.
  2. Use the included switching power supply unit only.
  3. Do not cut the impulse bands nor the 24 V power cord of the power supply unit.
  4. Do not remove the end caps or the impulse band insulation.
  5. The operating temperature of Vulcan ranges from –20° C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F).
  6. Clean the device with water only.
  7. Temperature peaks on heating surfaces should not exceed 95°C (203°F).

pdf_symbolInstallation Manual

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