Water Ionizer Comparison

Water Ionizer Comparison


Don’t just Buy the Advertised Features – Buy the Real Value!
We want you to make an educated choice and have assembled essential information to help you
determine the best water ionizer for your budget and needs.

Products Athena Life 9000 Tyent MMP 7070 Enagic SD501 Chanson M.A.X. KYK Generation 2 Melody
  Life 9000 Tyent 7070 Water Ionizer Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer Chanson M.A.X. KYK Generation 2 Melody Water Ionizer
Price is not necessarily an indication of quality. We know of some poor quality ionizers that have highly inflated prices.

$2,395 USD

$2,699 CAD

$2,997 USD $2,895 USD $3,980 USD $2,195 USD $1,995 USD

$1,695 USD

$1,899 CAD

Manufacturer and Importer Details
Anything can be said on a web site so for such an valuable investment it is wise to find out who you are buying from and who is the manufacturer.
USA Better Business Bureau Accredited Business?
To learn more about the Better Business Bureau visit http://www.bbb.org/
check A+ check A+ check A- check B+ check check checkA+
WQA USA Certified Staff?
Is your supplier just an internet merchant or a professional water authority able to help with all types of water issues?
check check check check check check check
Life Time Warranty



check check check check


How Long Has Importer been Selling Current Brand? * ~8 years ~2 years ~2 years ~7 years ~3 years ~1 year ~ 10 years
All Major Certifications including ISO 14001 Green Technology (10+) check check check check check check check
Where is Model Manufactured?
Obviously this is important. Japan and Korea have been working on ionizer cell technology for over 30 years – not so other countries.
Japan and Korea Chinese Cell – Assembled Korea Korea Japan Taiwan Korea Japan and Korea
Does Importer also Manufacturer Water Products
Is Importer also able to help with specail water issues and after sales service?
check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
(Is bigger really better – what is real value and what is not?)
Has Model been Independently Tested against other Brands? check check check check check check check
How often are Cells Cleaned? Every use (in background) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 30+ liters (have to wait while cleaning) ~once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning) Every use (in background)
Not Oversized Compared to Average Model?
Please see our article on ionizers sizes Here.
check check check check check check check
pH and ORP at highest settings (Certified Independent Lab rating*) 10.54 pH
-812mv ORP
10.7 pH
-164mv ORP
9.47 pH
-740mv ORP
9.46 pH
-578mv ORP
no data 9.48 pH
-482mv ORP
10.47 pH
-637mv ORP
Adjustments for Hard and Soft Water Unlimited 6 Levels 5 Levels 6 Levels 7 Levels 8 Levels Unlimited
7+ Plates check check check check check check check 5
Flow Rate at 9pH
This is an important measurement as cheaper ionizer brands will need to reduce the flow rate to increase the pH
2.5 – 3.0 lpm not shown (assume slow flow rate) not shown (assume slow flow rate) not shown (assume slow flow rate) 2.0 – 2.5 lpm not shown (assume slow flow rate) check 5
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheck
Electrode Plate Specifications
In an ionizer, an electrical charge is used to separate acid from alkaline water. In electroniics size typically decreases as technology improves.
Latest Mesh Plate Technology check check check check check check check
Amount of wattage needed to create ideal pH and ORP (Less Wattage means Greater Efficiency and Less Wear) 110W 349W 280W 230W 80-120W 300W 110W
Small Plate Size (larger=less efficient) check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Power System
Are SMPS or Transformer Power Used?
For an explanation as to why a transformer is superior to SMPS, see below.
Transformer SMPS SMPS Transformer Transformer/SMPS SMPS Transformer
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Excellent filtration is of paramount importance as this will not only extend the life cycle of your Ionizer but also ensure you are getting the purest water possible.
Dual Internal Filters check check check check check check check
Filter Removes Chloramine and Chlorine check check check check check check check
Can you buy USA made and Certified filters for Ionizer?
Do you want to trust your filtration to a filter made in China or elsewhere in Asia?
check check check check check check check
Internal Remineralizer Available (for R.O Systems) check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck checkcheck checkcheck checkcheckcheck checkcheckcheckcheck
Unique Options and Add on Features
Can be converted to Under-Counter Ionizer check check check check check check check
Rating checkcheckcheckcheckcheck check check check check check checkcheckcheckcheckcheck

*Silver State Laboratories

Foot Note: Comparing Transformers to SMPS Power Supply Systems.

A switched-mode power supply (also called SMPS) is an electronic power supply unit which differs from the more common linear, transformer type power supply. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. For example, while the SMPS power supply is lighter weight and typically less expensive to manufacture, it has been shown to respond more slowly and be less stable overall than the Transformer system. One clear advantage of SMPS has nothing to do with its electrical performance and this is that its lighter weight results in lower shipping costs.

While some ionizer manufacturers choose to employ SMPS for use in water ionizers, comparative research by Emco Tech into specific ionization applications indicates an overall lack of stability and long-term reliability in the systems currently available. Following are the comparative results of EmcoTech’s research on SMPS versus Transformer power supplies in water ionizers, in a residential setting:

Much has been made in the internet marketing for ionizers using SMPS. One example would be that SMPS can adjust the ionizer’s performance to your water quality. Technically this would require an extremely fast power supply response time. Based on Emco’s research you can see that SMPS does not produce. While SMPS is employed in some electronics due to the weight and cost advantage, transformers remain the most prevalent, durable and most stable power system in home electronics. EmcoTech utilizes a transformer based platform in order to assure stable, long term and consistent power supply – and reliability for every customer.

Emco Tech comparison SMPS / Transformer electrical system

Transformer Stability
Noise and Ripple
Low 1-10 mv
Response Time
Fast .1 – 1ms
SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) Stability
Noise and Ripple
High 10-100 mv
Response Time
Average .5-10ms
The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.
The products discussed herein are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

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For independent advice from Rob Thomas of WaterFYI.com: “If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone looking to purchase a water ionizer…”

For an interesting comparison of water ionizers with regard to “life force”, see this recent report.

 Jupiter Water Ionizer Models Compared.

Model Name Venus
Replaced by Melody II
Replaced by Melody II
Replaced by Athena H2
Replaced by Vesta H2
Model Number JP107 JP104 JS205 JD001
Year introduced 2009 2003 2007 2007
Year technology updated 2009 2007 2009 2010
Strength Rating
3 4 5 5
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limitied Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Price, USD 1,295 1,695 2,395 2,895
Price, CAD 1,499 1,899 2,699 2,999
Alkaline Settings 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels
Acidic Settings 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels
Ionized Water Output Rate liters/min 3 lpm 3 lpm 3 lpm 3 lpm
Electrode Material Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium Platinum-Titanium
Plating Process Ion Polymer Separation Ion Polymer Separation on Polymer with new MESH technology on Polymer with new MESH technology
Number of Plates 5 5 5 5
Type of Plates Coated Coated Mesh diode Mesh diode
Plate Size (mm) 67X109X0.5 65X109X0.5 67X109X0.5 67X109X0.5
Calcium Port Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patented Auto Cleaning with
Reversible Chamber
Self-cleans but w/o reversible chamber Yes Yes Yes
Patented DARC (Double Action
Reverse Cleaning)
No No Yes Yes
Wait for Alkaline water while cleaning? Yes No No NO
Stops Scaling on Plates? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Display type LED LCD   LED Module
Voice confirmation No Yes Yes Yes
Filter Life indicator LED Digital Counter Digital Counter LED Indicator
Method of flow control Tap and Flow valve Tap & Under-sink Tap/ Patented
SOL Valve
Tap/ Patented
SOL Valve
Flow rate indicator No Yes Yes Yes
Low flow alarm No Yes Yes Yes
Hot water alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connects direct to tap Yes Yes Yes No
Connect direct to mains Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undersink installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 13″X9.75″X5.5 13″X10.5″X5.75 13.5″X12.75″X6″ 13″X9.65″X5″
Boxed weight 13.4 lb 14.9 lb 16 lb. 18.5 lb.
Water inflow pressure 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf 1.5psi/0.7-5kgf
Elect. Consumption 0.5 A 0.5 A 0.5 A 0.38 A
Applic. Water Temp 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C 50-86 F /10-30 C
Input voltage 110V or 220V 110V or 220V 110V or 220V 110V or 220V
Overheating Protection Bimetal Bimetal Bimetal Bimetal

If you have further questions about how various water ionizers compare, please call one of our water experts at 1-877-770-5247 toll-free. Thank you.

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See the full lab report of water ionizer comparisons here.

Important: Make sure you check out the Better Business Bureau “complaints” for each ionizer company. (www.bbb.org/us/Find-Business-Reviews)

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