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If you’re interested in becoming an ionizer dealer, you’ve come across a very exciting opportunity!

Call us today if you’re interested in promoting health, while increasing your income!

You’ve heard the expression: “An idea whose time has come”? The hunger for healthy water has been growing; at the same time people have become aware of the dangers of drinking reverse osmosis and distilled water. So it’s no surprise that the popularity of ionized water in North America is growing exponentially — 110% in the last year!

As a result, our business is rapidly expanding. We invite your participation as a Canadian dealer. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer in the US, please follow the link below.

In addition, “Acupeds” are an exciting and red-hot business opportunity.

We are national distributors for AlkaViva ionizers, AOK, AnyWater Portable Ionizer, Acupeds, and Vitashower.

Call us now if you’re interested in becoming a dealer and taking advantage of this timely opportunity. Call 1-877-770-5247 toll-free (780-433-4508) and ask for Carol.

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US dealer inquiries: click here Alkaline water ionizers for high pH ionized water.

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