Water Ionizers: Cost of alkaline ionized water

Cost of Ionized Water

That’s right, 1/3 of cent per glass for the best water available today. Here’s the math:

We base this calculation on a two-year pay back period for the Venus Water Ionizer and the cost of one replacement filter. The cost of electricity is virtually nil. Based on a family of three, each using 5 liters/(quarts) of water per day for drinking and cooking. Your cost per glass during the first two years is 2.5 cents. After that, the cost drops to 1/3 cent per glass! This compares favorably to reverse osmosis and distillation systems, and represents a vast savings over bottled water. (And it doesn’t even include all the value from the acid ionized water!)

One of our customers provided us with her calculations for the Athena water ionizer. Including what she pays for her municipal water, the cost was $0.53 per gallon (2009 figures). See her calculations here.

Read our home page for an introduction to alkaline water health benefits. We are so convinced of the benefits of ionized water, we offer you a 60 day, Risk-Free trial period. Click here to learn more about our AlkaViva water ionizers.

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