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  • Your Tap water is contaminated with “allowable” levels of heavy metals, pesticide residues, drugs, chlorine and chlorine by-products, and in some cases bacteria. How much mercury and chlorine are you willing to drink daily?

  • Bottled water–if you drink it– is acid. That’s right, take any national brand and test it: you’re drinking water that’s almost as acid as pop. Bottled water is also one of the biggest business scams in history, charging you $1.50 for a penny’s worth of water, while polluting the earth with plastic.

  • Reverse Osmosis water and Distilled water are acid as well — plus devoid of all minerals. But maintaining a proper alkaline balance is key in maintaining health. For example, cancer thrives in an acid environment.

  • All of these kinds of water — tap, bottled, carbon filtered, reverse osmosis, and distilled water — test as “oxidizing” — you know: the opposite of an antioxidant. Oxidation is the process of “rusting”, or the browning of an apple, and — in your body — leads to the breakdown of cells. Oxidation has been shown to be the root cause of much degenerative disease.

  • Most people don’t drink enough water. Instead they drink coffee, tea and soft drinks. It’s not surprising: most water doesn’t taste that good. Yet water is the MOST essential nutrient there is, and proper hydration is the key to avoiding many degenerative diseases.

  • So here’s the dilemma: WHAT DO I DO? How do I make sure I’m drinking lots of water —good tasting water, free of contaminants, not acid but alkaline, an ANTI-oxidant instead of an oxidant, WITH minerals, and WITHOUT getting ripped off?


To find out how, start with finding out just what is in your current drinking water. Get a free water quality report for your area by filling out the form for US or Canada.

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SECRET #1: “My kids were amazed, but I didn’t even think about it. The energy was just there!” B. Bond. Find out what she’s talking about. But first find out what’s in your drinking water by filling out the form above.

Anthony Robbins and the alkaline lifestyle

SECRET #2: What does Anthony Robbins have to say about maintaining an alkaline balance? Get your water quality report now, and find out!

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SECRET #3: Fill in the form and you’ll see what got CNN excited about what drinking water can be!

Last updated: Aug 2, 2016

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