Why our 5 Plate Water Ionizers Outperform the Competition

Why Bigger is NOT Better

Don’t be fooled!

Alkalinity and Antioxidant power: Our AlkaViva / Jupiter ionizers will outperform the competition no matter the size, number of plates, power – or price. We guarantee it! Watch the only US government certified analytical lab test here and see for yourself!

Efficiency Bigger may be better in Playboy, but not in the world of electronics or ionizer electrode plates! Here’s the plain truth: What you need from your ionizer is to deliver moderate pH levels of alkaline drinking water that has strong antioxidant properties, and to do this reliably day after day. What you need is efficiency, not size. “Size matters”? To whom? Find out why bigger is NOT better here.

Plate efficiency…coming soon

True mesh plates…coming soon

Cleaning AlkaViva has patented a completely unique cleaning cycle that keeps your water ionizer working efficiently for years to come, read on.

Ideal ph and orp range according to experts: For optimum health, what is important is drinking water at the mildly alkaline levels of pH8.5 to pH9.5 with good -ORP values. Learn more about this here.

True comparison tests vs. in-house tests Learn why it’s important that lab test comparisons be done by independent government certified labs.

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