Fluoride Arsenic Kit

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Read the facts and myths about Flouride in water here

We have assembled this unique product for everyone who is concerned with fluoride in their water and who doesn’t have an ionizer. The Fluoride-Arsenic kit consist of a filter housing with a faucet. You place it close to the kitchen sink and connect it to your tap with the hose and the diverter. The diverter is the pull-out style. After turning on the water you pull the small pin and water will be filtered through the internal Fluoride-Arsenic shield good for 1500 gallons of water. Expect to shift the shield on a yearly basis. Included in the package is several adapters for different style kitchen faucets.

We do recommend you to alkalize and ionize your water with one of our excellent home ionizers – here you use an external or internal pre-filtration also. This will surely benefit your health, however, if you are only concerned with fluoride or if you have a thyroid problem this is an excellent solution.

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Fluoride Arsenic Kit-375

Fluoride Arsenic Kit

USD $127.95

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