Melody II Water Ionizer – Smart Electrodes 5-Plates

USD $1,795.00


Ionizer by Alkaway UltraWater filter test results
Independent test results for the H2 series UltraWater filter.
(Performed in NELAP accredited labs to proper EPA standards).

Dual-filtration system.

Don’t buy an expensive single filter system or one with cheap Vitamin C or carbon filters. The Melody II offers you the protection of dual filtration to give you healthy water and peace of mind!


Designed specifically for optimal filtration, pH and ORP performance in drinking water, the Melody II will outperform other ionizers in this price range. It also will produce excellent acidic water for topical uses.

Fully Automatic DARC Cleaning System.

Clean with every use. Keeping your plates clean is essential to getting great H2 performance. We pioneered lasting performance with our DARC cleaning. The Melody II continues that tradition, giving you the convenience of never having to think about cleaning or wait for a cleaning cycle. Ultimate insurance.

Real-time Flow Control System.

The optimal flow rate is also critical in achieving optimal hydrogen performance. The Melody II’s Real-time Flow Control System provides you an LCD display and a selectable valve that allows you to set easy and precise control of your flow rate – every time you use it.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Power Supply: Next Generation SMPS with AutoAdjust
  • Power Use: 150W
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 14.5” x 5.5” (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 12.75 lbs (14.75 Shipped Weight)
  • Water Pressure Available: 15~90 psi
  • Tap Water Temperature Available: 40 ~ 86F
  • Protection Devices: 2 built-in temperature sensors
  • Electrolysis Method: Continuous
  • Electrodes: 5 SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium
  • Generating Capacity: Standard (1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)
  • Setting: Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (2 Levels)
  • Cleaning: DARC Cleaning System – Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement: Cartridge Type (2 Filters)
  • Filter Life: 1,000 gallons
  • Voice Recognition: Yes
  • Display: Negative LCD
  • Display Control: Full Touch Screen (Letter and Image)
  • ON/OFF Valve Method: Real-time Flow Control System

Your Melody II comes with:

  • a) a pH test kit (liquid reagent and a pH color chart) to make sure you are drinking at your ideal level.
  • b) a beautiful manual that was written by the folks at AlkaViva and is a fantastic resource.
  • c) an inline sediment filter
  • d) all installation accessories

For complete details, see the full Melody II Owner’s Manual in pdf format.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs


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Melody II Water Ionizer – Smart Electrodes 5-Plates

USD $1,795.00

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