Scale Guard, 2 pack

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Because AlkaViva understands that hard water scale can be harmful to ionizers, we continually strive to research, develop, and improve our anti-scale technology and products. At this time, we are pleased to introduce our easy-to-use Scale Guard Inserts. This fantastic new product outperforms our previous options at a lower cost! Scale Guard Inserts drop right into your ionizer’s mineral port, eliminating in-line installation! Using less media, and in a more effective way than our previous EOS, the Scale Guard Inserts offer a great solution to those in hard water areas – ultimately saving you money and making it easier to protect your ionizer.

The new Scale Guard Inserts are priced at $31.95 for a set of 2. Each insert will condition about 500 gallons of water.

How do I know when to change the inserts? One way is to simply watch the ionizer’s filter counter and replace the insert at the halfway point. Depending on which model ionizer you own, you’ll need to change the insert at either 2 bars or when the filter counter reaches 5,000. If you don’t get the timing of the insert change right away, there’s no need to worry. The Scale Guard Inserts have a cumulative effect in your ionizer – as long as you change the insert near the halfway point, you are still protected. It’s important to note that when changing inserts, it’s normal to see residual media inside the insert baskets – although the media will not dissolve completely, it will start to lose its effectiveness.

Who can benefit from the new Scale Guard Inserts? That’s easy! We include an easy-to-use test strip with every ionizer being sold. These test strips test for levels of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), the mineral responsible for hard water scale. If your level is between 51 and 120 ppm, a BioStone Plus is all you should need. If your levels are between 121 and 180 ppm, you should take advantage of Scale Guard Inserts to better protect your ionizer. If your levels are over 181 ppm, there are other means of scale prevention that would better suit your needs. Call us at 1-877-770-5247.

How do I use the Scale Guard Inserts? The inserts are easy to use. All you need to do is open the calcium insert cap at the top of your ionizer, remove the clear plastic cap on the Scale Guard Insert basket, place it inside of the calcium cap, and insert it back into your ionizer. Your ionizer is then protected!

Because they do not have a mineral port, there are 2 ionizer models that cannot use the Scale Guard system; these are the Venus and the Vesta. The cleaning system on the Vesta ionizer is very effective at preventing scale. However, ultra high levels of hardness (exceeding the 181 parts per million) require extra precautions to protect your ionizer investment, no matter which model you own. If you have this type of hard water or have any concerns about using your ionizer with hard water, please call us for treatment suggestions. 1-877-770-5247.

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Scale Guard, 2 pack

USD $29.95

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