Jet lag and staying healthy on the road

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Picture of By Julia Abelsohn

By Julia Abelsohn

As the temperatures drop into the deep freeze, visions of tropical beaches begin to dance in our heads. Packing shorts, sunscreen and flip-flops is a no brainer but there is something else to include on that packing list.

Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Tablets are not only a great way to boost your H2 intake at home, but they are so portable that you can pack them in your carry on. One tablet in your glass of water twice a day can deliver enough molecular hydrogen as your water ionizer back home. So you will enjoy all the benefits of H2 on the road including:

Reduction in inflammation and pain

As we age, we ache more. Those aches and pains seems to be waiting for us as we get up in the morning or when we exercise too much or sometimes, too little. For inflammation, H2 has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is also can potentially modify the switched on genes that create a constant state inflammation.

Optimal cognitive function

Crosswords and Sudoku may help your brain function but they are not enough on their own to keep your brain in top shape. The brain is 2-4% of your body’s weight but consumes 20-40% of the oxygen you breathe. Since 2-5% of the oxygen you breathe turns into free radicals, your brain is highly susceptible to oxidative stress damage. H2neutralizes excess free radicals that occur in the brain.

Cellular health

Research shows H2 alters cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression. This may explain its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-apoptotic (or anti-cell death) effects.

Increased Energy Levels

Who couldn’t use a boost in energy, but as we age, our energy levels also decline. H₂ can give you energy in several ways because it can so quickly enter your cells and release its many benefits. Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is known as the energy currency of the cell. Once ATP is broken down to adenosine diphosphate (ADP), energy is released. This energy promotes all cellular activities. When we have more energy we naturally enjoy our daily activities more.

As well as all of these benefits, you will also get a great start to your holiday by helping to avoid jet lag.

Jet lag and how to beat it

Higher altitude affects the body and causes jet lag and cabin pressure will make the symptoms of jet lag more significant. But what exactly is jet lag and what can you do to prevent it?

Apart from the rising cost of air travel, jet lag is part of the price that travellers must pay in order to enjoy the many benefits of travel. For professionals jet lag is a consequence of doing business. Some brag that they have learned to power through it or they have become immune. Science however disagrees and studies have shown that the effects of acute jet lag can strike later and in some cases harder. Jet lag symptoms can range from aggravating to completely disorienting and if you are a professional getting over a case of jet lag can mean the difference between professional success and abject failure

One of the main contributors to this sense of lethargy is of course dehydration. Alcohol, sugary drinks and coffee and tea are generally served during air travel and indulged in to keep hydrated but most of these beverages will actually dehydrate you further and have you running to the lavatory more often. Although water is the best drink to keep hydrated there is only so much you can drink, especially on a long flight, and still be able to stay in your seat long enough to catch a few winks.

One of the most extreme methods of fighting jet lag is known as IV hydration therapy. Those wondering how to cure jet lag are turning to organizations like Drip Hydration for answers. Undergoing IV hydration therapy before or after a flight has been shown to prevent and reverse the effects of jet lag and make your down time significantly less making you more productive.

But most people will not resort to this extreme measure to stay hydrated and therefore will reach for that bottled water onboard. But did you know that it’s not only the quantity of water that you drink that is important to keep hydrated the quality of water you consume is an extremely important factor in the acutely dehydrating aircraft cabin.

Bottled water contains dissolved organic and inorganic matter. This matter is measured in total dissolved solids (TDS). Most bottled waters have tds counts in the hundreds. If you could separate this matter in the water it would look muddy. This reduces the amount of water by volume and its ability to keep you hydrated.

The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) used to measure the best quality water as having less than ten total dissolved solids. Lots of bottled water falls short of this mark.

Dehydration at altitude causes toxins to build up quicker because oxygen is scarce and your body functions less efficiently. More toxins and acidity upset the homoeostatic balance, which is the preferred way your body works, and puts you in a stressful mode of operation. The knock on effect is your physiological systems function differently, including the hormones that control the body clock and jet lag.

Even if you stay away from bottled water and accept the nice glass of water from that friendly stewardess potable water on planes isn`t of a high enough quality to rely on. While you can`t change the basic quality of the water available, you can add products to the water to make it more absorbable.

H2 Viva hydrogen rich water tablets added to water can turn your less than perfect water into a much more hydrating beverage. More hydrogen equals more hydration so that means you can drink less and stay more hydrated. That also means less frequent trips to the bathroom mid-flight.


And once you’re on the ground you might find that you are looking at ways to stay hydrated but might be cautious about the quality of water that you’re drinking. We all appreciate drinking clean filtered water at home but sometimes on the road finding clean water can be a challenge. Traveller’s diarrhoea is one of the biggest health challenges on vacation and one bad case of Montezuma’s revenge can turn your exotic paradise adventure into a nightmare. Sure you can buy bottled water but the environmental impact of plastic water bottles is hard to ignore, especially when you see them washing up on the beach beside you.

Portable water filters can give you the same great tasting water anywhere, anytime. Enter, AnyWater – all the advantages of a water ionizer but lightweight and portable enough to pack in the smallest suitcase

AnyWater is the unique portable solution to healthy drinking water. It filters out chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria. But that’s not all. Its central cartridge contains a powerful filter, alkaline minerals, and magnetic media.

By turning your tap water into an antioxidant, AnyWater helps strengthen your immune system.

Great tasting water – When you enjoy the taste of your water, you’ll naturally drink more, helping your body with digestion and the prevention of chronic diseases. Perfect for getting Best Water when traveling.

 Rainbow water in a bottle

It’s a water bottle like no other. It sizzles, it bubbles and it glows multi-colours in the dark. But the H2 water bottle is more than a flashy way to carry your water. It’s a revolution in a bottle and a revolutionary way to ensure that you have H2 or dissolved hydrogen while you travel. H2 is proposed by the science community as a safer antioxidant that selectively reduces levels of toxic reactive-oxygen species (ROS), helping the body detox.

Every single second, whenever our cells use oxygen, they also generate free radicals. Free radicals are notorious for their close relationships with aging and many diseases. We need antioxidants to get rid of these free radicals, to stop them from causing damage in the body, thus keeping the immune system strong and healthy.

Hydrogen rich water has so many health benefits that over 400 studies have looked at its healing properties including reducing chronic inflammation   which has been linked to many illnesses. H2 is anti-inflammatory and hydrogen water can significantly improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis  which is a chronic inflammatory disease.

H2 water is energized so that it will help you fight fatigue and improve your workouts. Drinking hydrogen water before exercise can reduce blood lactate levels and decrease muscle fatigue.

It looks like a water bottle from the future but it uses the most current scientific technology to enhance your health.

So enjoy your vacation knowing that you are taking good care of your body even though you are far from home. One problem solved, now all you have to worry about is the mosquitos!

For more information on H2 products visit our website: or give us a call and speak to one of our water experts at: 1-877-771-1942.

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Picture of Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn is a writer, editor and clinical aromatherapist. She has been sharing her expertise and passion for health and wellness for over 25 years. When not at her desk she can be found exploring the many trails and green spaces near her home in Edmonton, Alberta.

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