An Athlete’s Guide to Hydration

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An average person should be drinking at least two liters of water every day. However, with exercise the body’s demand for fluids increases. When you exert the body more heat is created that needs to be dissipated. Approximately three-quarters of the energy spent exercising is wasted as heat through perspiration and exhaling.

For proper functioning of the body several chemical reactions need to take place and water affects the concentration of the solution in which the materials are transported. This degrades the body’s performance. To cool down the body, athletes should drink an adequate amount of water to replenish the bodily fluids. But how much should they drink and when should they drink it?

How Much Water Should an Athlete Drink?

It is recommended that an athlete consume half a liter of water for every hour of extensive exercise. This water is in addition to the daily two liter quota. However, the requirement varies with every person and it is best if you measure your own need. This can be done by noting down the weight at the beginning of the physical routine and the weight afterwards and taking the difference. The weight of the drink consumed while exercising should also be taken into account.

When Should the Water be Consumed?

An athlete should hydrate themselves well in advance to the training sessions. The body is usually dehydrated after you wake up so it is important to drink at least two glasses of water as in the morning.

For longer events it is best to keep a water bottle with you and take sips after small intervals. A timer of alarm can be set on the phone to remind yourself to drink some water after every 15 minutes or half an hour. Taking small sips of water also prevents athletes from feeling bloated. After the training ends, it is best to drink some more water to flush out the metabolic waste and replenish the body.

Which Water Should They Drink?

The body needs electrolytes to help regulate muscle and nerve functions. Electrolytes help maintain alkalinity and volume of cells. Perspiring leads to loss of salt in the body therefore water with added electrolytes can help restore it. Water ionizers are the perfect source for filtered water with electrolytes. There are even electric ones available now that can be kept anywhere at home so a steady supply of ionized water is available at all times.

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