Three times the hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of an electric water ionizer

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The UltraStream is the David in the field of Goliaths in the ionizer world. It’s small but mighty and it packs a terrific punch. The UltraStream was independently tested with results showing an output of almost three times The Molecular Hydrogen as compared to other gold standard electronic ionizers that cost five times more. More hydrogen means more therapeutic results, which can lead to less pain, less stress and more energy.

The UltraStream is the only water ionizer certified for stringent European safe standards and is the first water ionizer in the world to be submitted to laboratory testing for hydrogen production efficiency. They are so convinced that they are number one that they wanted the world to know it too!

With the UltraStream, you can be sure that you’ll have more for less. You’ll have more of the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich water including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and ant-oxidant benefits. And you’ll have less cost. That means you’ll have more money left over for other things that can enhance your health like buying organic fruits and vegetables or taking that yoga vacation that you’ve been eying.

You’ll know it’s a good investment when you taste the water and enjoy its vital health benefits. It’s clearly a win-win situation.

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