The UltraStream produces the cleanest, healthiest water money can buy

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You’re looking to drink water that’s as fresh and clean as a mountain stream but you’re not prepared to move to the Rockies? Look no further than the UltraStream, a natural ionizer and water filter that naturally energizes water and returns it to its natural pristine state.

Water filter
Extreme filtration was specifically designed into the UltraStream before the water hits the ionization process. It uses 8 layers of filtration to remove more harmful contaminants than ionizers ten times the price. It removes bacteria, poisons, chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals, volatile organics, trihalomethanes, arsenic and more.

Antioxidant producer
The UltraStream supplies ‘on tap’ antioxidant negative ions in every glass to help ward off cell damage by neutralizing free radicals and removing waste products from our cells.

The UltraStream creates ph-balancing alkalinity and at the same time infuses beneficial magnesium into the water – something that’s impossible for an electric system. We all need magnesium and it’s absorbed better in water than food.

H2 Infuser
The beneficial effects of hydrogen have been proven in over 400 scientific studies having an impact on pain, stress, energy and other health concerns. The results show that the UltraStream infuses 3 times the molecular hydrogen compared to other electronic ionizers that cost significantly more.

Great taste
Water may be as pure as nature intended but if it doesn’t taste good you’re not likely to drink it. The UltraStream delivers water that is clean and great tasting so that you will want to drink more and enjoy its many benefits.

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