Fluoride Shield Replacement Filter for Athena

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In combination with the Fluoride-Arsenic shield, this is the only domestic filter to remove lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other harmful contaminants to 99.9%.

By using the newest cutting edge techniques, AlkaViva has created the first internal ionizer filter to reduce Fluoride and Arsenic to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing. Fluoride has long been difficult to remove from drinking water using traditional filters because the standard point of use fluoride filters requires very slow flow rates, much too slow for an ionizer. AlkaViva’s commitment to not only healthy but clean and contaminant free water has lead us to new methods for reducing Fluoride and Arsenic that can be used effectively inside of an ionizer.


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Fluoride Shield Replacement Filter for Athena

Fluoride Shield Replacement Filter for Athena

USD $89.95

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