Venus Water Ionizer – Now Melody II

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You get:

  • The health benefits of high-level ionization (“kangen” water). Learn more here.
  • Years of reliable operation, through the newest patented protection against build-up of calcium & mineral deposits
  • The same exacting control of your drinking water pH found in expensive ionizers
  • The ability to adjust your ionizer for “hard” or “soft” source water
  • Super-easy touch screen operation
  • Free Shipping in North America. International shipping policy here.
  • To try this water at home for free for 60 days with absolutely no risk
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Read what our customers have to say here. Or what PBS has to say here.

Some of the outstanding features of the Venus water ionizer:

Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell)

The water cell is the heart of all AlkaViva ionizers. Manufactured in Japan to standards that makes us the company of choice for large corporations such as LG, Samsung, Toyo and Hyundai — your Venus is guaranteed to not only make ideal alkaline (and acid) ionized, water but to continue to make the same quality water year after year. We stand behind this technology with our Lifetime warranty, our no-risk 14 day trial, and extensive certifications (UL, CSA, CE)

A new, patented matting used in the Venus water cell is extremely resistant to mineral deposits. Lime (calcium), iron, and other minerals are “sloughed off” enabling better ionization for a long period of time. The inner structure of the Venus water cell also enables a much better separation of alkaline and acid waters. The result: more efficient ionization as well as better isolation of any remaining fluoride.

This combination of efficient draining, improved matting, and revised inner structure enables the Venus to operate very efficiently on only one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters.

Flow Control Knob

This special feature has been, until now, only available on much more expensive ionizers. The flow control knob lets you to adjust the strength of the alkaline water (“pH”) and its antioxidant power (“ORP”).  It will prove useful in helping to fine tune your prefered pH level so that you get the exact same pH level every time you use your Venus.

Counter-top or undersink Installation

The Venus will adapt for undersink installation using our patented double-spouted undersink kit.

Biostone Filter

The Venus comes with the same 0.1micron Biostone Plus filter available in other top AlkaViva models. Extremely effective in removing contaminants, it will last for over 1000 gallons (4000 liters) of water. Filter changing is literally “a snap.”

Voltage Regulator

Another feature only found on more expensive ionizers, the voltage regulator allows for exceptional user control as you can now reduce the voltage if your water is very hard or increase the voltage if your water is very soft. Our installation and operation video makes all adjustments easy to understand. If you have any questions about the hardness or softness of your water, please call us toll-free at 1-877-770-5247 (780-433-4503).

Note: If your source water is hard, please contact us for advice on how best to install your Venus water ionizer. (877-770-5247).

If you are on a private well: Water ionizers can be used with most well water. The three most common problems found in well water are hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg, sulfur smell), high iron content and sediment content. All of these conditions can often be remedied by proper pre-filtration. If you have a well, please call us first, preferably with a copy of your well’s water analysis. 1-877-770-5247 toll-free.

To find out what AlkaViva (formerly Jupiter) water ionizers have to say for themselves, click here:

  • To see for yourself the results produced by AlkaViva ionizers, watch the demo here.
  • View the Venus owner’s manual here.
  • International shipping policy here.


  • 9 pH settings
  • 14 day risk-free trial period; Lifetime warranty.
  • Manual voltage adjustment for hard or soft water
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen controls
  • Filter replacement alert indicator
  • Can be installed countertop or with optional undersink kit
  • Platinum-titanium electrodes
  • Hot water / overheating protection
  • Self-diagnostics


Voltage/ Wattage 110V or 220V / 80 watts
Water temp 39-86F (4-30C)
Flow rate .8 gallon (3 liters) / minute
Operation type Auto-start
Filter type Biostone 0.1 or 0.01 microns
Filter life 8-12 months / 1000 gallons (4000 liters)
Dimensions 13″ x 9.75″ x 5.5″ (32 X 24 X 14 cm)
Chlorine elimination < 0.05PPM

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Venus Water Ionizer – Now Melody II

USD $1,295.00

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