Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue

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Increased muscle fatigue results from overtraining and can cause inflammation and muscle micro injury. The symptoms arise due to the muscle contractions in short intervals of intensive exercise causing oxidative stress. This experience can be quite uncomfortable and painful resulting in decrease of productivity performing the daily tasks.

Recent studies have shown that hydrogen functions as an anti-oxidant within the body inhibiting the effects of oxidative stress. Therefore hydrogen-rich water (HW) is becoming exceedingly popular as people are understanding the countless benefits associated with it. A recent study was conducted where soccer players aged 20-22 were given either placebo water (PW) or HW for one week. Their muscle activity and peak torque were monitored throughout the 100 knee extensions they performed. Creatine kinase and oxidative stress markers within their blood stream were also measured at continuous intervals.

Results of this thorough study were quite fascinating and revealed some important factors regarding hydrogen-rich water. Subjects that were given PW had an increase in the levels of blood lactate level during acute exercise whereas even in heavy exercise, the blood lactate levels of subjects given HW remained relatively constant. Peak torque significantly reduced during knee extensions which implies that the person felt muscle fatigue. Contrary to this, peak torque level didn’t decrease significantly in people taking hydrogen-rich water. The oxidative markers and creatine kinases levels had no change either after the exercise routine.

The study implied the importance of drinking hydrogen-rich water as it maintained the level of blood lactate and improved muscle functionality during heavy exercise. Further research is being conducted to understand the main factors of HW that contribute to the high performance of a person. More importantly, drinking hydrogen-rich water helps enhance muscle recovery mechanism and will prevent you from severe injuries.

Hydrogen-rich water is recommended by most trainers to their athletes as it improves their performance on the field significantly. Therefore people that have an active lifestyle should definitely include HW in their lives. Awareness regarding the importance of HW is still limited inhibiting many people from enjoying its full benefits.

Apart from preventing muscle fatigue, HW helps with mood disorders, prevents brain damage and helps with weight loss. So anyone who wants to acquire a healthier lifestyle and prevent their own selves and their kids from potential injuries, HW is the right option. Deploy a quality water ionizer at your home and improve your standard of living today!

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