Hydrogen Enriched Water is a Powerful Antioxidant

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Hydrogen Enriched Water (HW) has been extensively popular in the East however the western world is recently being introduced to it. Statistical studies have revealed the significant therapeutic advantages of consuming HW regularly. The additional hydrogen alkalizes water and acts as an antioxidant. This helps to neutralize the effects of harmful radical that enter the body through different means including pollution and unhealthy diet.

These free radicals tend to enhance the ageing process and develop various degenerative diseases within the body. Certain cancers and conditions such as osteoarthritis are associated with these harmful radicals and expedite their development within the body.

According to a recent study conducted by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, it’s been observed that increase concentration of hydrogen within blood results in diminished production of acid and free radicals. Growth of superoxide dismustases and similar antioxidant enzymes is accelerated and helps neutralize oxygen free radicals. The cytotoxic reactive oxygen species found in the tissues are drastically reduced as well. H2 uniquely crosses cell membranes and target organelles including mitochondria and nucleus. It helps with the prevention of cognitive impairment as well.

Every cell within our body requires energy for sustenance and longevity. ATP supplies this particular energy to the cell which is constructed through hydrogen within the body. Normally, hydrogen and CO2 are obtained through the breakdown of carbohydrates within the body. However, if these carbohydrates are broken down incompletely, it may result in increased production of acids. Therefore there is a need for another resource of hydrogen from water.

A good analogy to understand the significance of hydrogen from water can be understood by the example of hydrogen cars. Hydrogen burning cars are greener than their counterpart cars that run on fossil fuels. Similar is the case with hydrogen attained from water which is greener than hydrogen attained from carbohydrates.

There are multiple ways to make hydrogen-rich water by adding different natural bio ceramic minerals to it. They activate hydrogen which significantly increases the pH of the water level. However, most people don’t have access to these facilities and can’t do the work themselves as they are busy with work. Therefore an alternative is to use electric water ionizers to effectively enjoy the benefits of HW.

Therefore if you want to attain a healthier lifestyle that significantly improves your performance in daily activities, deploy a water ionizer at your home.

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