Is Water Better than Sports Drinks?

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This question has been bugging athletes and gym enthusiasts for quite some time now. While some prefer the natural way to hydrate, others resort to sports drinks for an added burst of energy. Read on ahead to know which option surpasses the other.

Team Natural Hydration

Nothing beats water. Our bodies are made of 70% of water so you know it is something good for you. In terms of workouts and sports, water is a great way to hydrate. Unlike sports drinks, water does not contain sodium. This elimination of sodium helps your body to hold on to water for a better and longer time period. Consuming less sodium will also help you to lose more weight and feel less bloated.

There is no catch to drinking water. Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of drinking water. While sports drinks may contain hidden, unhealthy ingredients, there is no such fuss in drinking water. One may also increase the benefits of water by opting for electrical water ionizers.

Sports drinks contain a worrying amount of sugar. If you are on the quest of losing weight through working out, then consuming sports drinks may produce the opposite result. Such drinks also include a high amount of caffeine. Having too much caffeine can increase one’s risk of insomnia, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Team Sports Drinks

Everyone has always heard the more the merrier when it comes to drinking water. Let me make this clear, this is a myth. Drinking too much water can cause one to lose fluid. When you drink excessive amounts of water, a signal is sent to your kidneys that surplus fluid is present in your blood. This will block vasopressin, a hormone that helps to hold on to water. In simpler words, you would have to urinate a lot.

Let’s face it sports drinks are much tastier than water. Longer and tougher workouts require frequent hydration. And flavor will help you to hydrate more. Longer workouts require more electrolytes. The latter is present more in sports drinks. Having the right amount of electrolytes is mandatory for the formation of muscles.

Concluding Words

One should consume both water and sports drinks. For workouts that are lesser in intensity and duration, water is more than sufficient. But as the workouts become tougher and longer, one should consume sports drinks to release electrolytes in the body.

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