Over 15 years of research went into designing the UltraStream

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When the researchers at Alkaway decided to make a new ionizer, they didn’t follow an existing design and try to make it better, they started from scratch. That’s why the UltraStream isn’t like any other water ionizer on the market today. Their long and sometimes painful experience showed them that maintaining an electric water ionizer is not nearly as easy as a natural water ionizer. They worked diligently to create an ionizer that was designed with safety and simplicity in mind. As a result, the UltraStream works very simply, like a natural aquifer, and so requires no power or high voltages, produces no waste water and gives you about 3 times more molecular hydrogen than electrical units 5 times the price.

Over 15 years of research went into the UltraStream design and engineering and they stand by their claim that they have made the best water filter, ionizer, alkalizer and hydrogen system money can buy. Designed in Australia, made in California, the home of the world’s best water filtration engineers, the UltraStream is an innovative design that has no rival. They are literally changing the water ionizer market. Their commitment is to make H2 more affordable and to make units that do not have H2 obsolete.

UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes, SMPS systems, electrolysis chamber, or electronics. It is a revolutionary water system that supercharges water with molecular hydrogen using special O-Dobi media. Every time you replace a filter you effectively have a new water ionizer! Say goodbye to ionizers that clog up, require cleaning or expensive maintenance. Say hello to the UltraStream, the only water ionizer certified for stringent European safety standards.



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