Sacred water = hydrogen rich water

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Picture of By Julia Abelsohn

By Julia Abelsohn

Hydrogen rich water has become known as the new health sensation and many people are enjoying the benefits of dissolved H2 in their own homes. Although it’s big news now, scientists in Japan have studied H2 water since about 2007. There are now over 500 published scientific papers and peer reviewed studies finding hydrogen enriched drinking water to be highly beneficial for over 150 diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke and trauma, inflammation, injury recovery, hearing loss, eye damage and more.

Briefly, the benefits of H2 water are:

  • Increased energy output in mitochondria by directly supplying the best “fuel” in the universe, hydrogen.
  • Quenches free radicals, helping curtail free radical damage (aging) to the human cells.
  • Reduced water cluster size, which enables more water to get into cells, which increases cell hydration for optimum health, beauty and better function of cells and organs on the inside.

But the benefits of H2 water may have a longer history than we might first have thought. According to Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata (Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University), the so called sacred healing waters around the world all contain high concentrations of molecular hydrogen and the healing effect is simply the result of the health benefits of that hydrogen.

Lourdes France Miracle Healing Water

People come from all over the world to benefit from the healing water in Lourdes France. In 2002, USO a Japanese TV program televised a story about this healing water and how 5 million visitors a year come to get some of this healing water and about the more than 3,670 cases of healing confirmed by doctors. The TV show discussed how the Lourdes miracle water was brought to Japan Kyushu University where it was analyzed by Dr. Shirahata and found to be rich in active hydrogen.

Pakistan’s Hunza

One of the longest-lived races of people in the world are called the Hunza. These people, located in the northern Pakistan, are found in several high-altitude mountain valleys. Many Hunza claim to be 150 years old; many others are documented centenarians (over age one hundred). Scientists and researchers have pondered the mystery of the Hunza and their longevity and are beginning to believe that the Hunza miracle derives from the water that they drink. The mountain water that flows into the Hunza villages comes from the surrounding glaciers that tests show to have the highest amount of dissolved active hydrogen yet discovered.

Mexico’s Tlacote Miracle Healing Water

More than eight million visitors a year go to get some of this healing water 200 miles away from Mexico City, with numerous medical confirmations of the beneficial results, including Magic Johnson. A TV program was also broadcast about this water in 2000. Analysis showed that it was also rich in active hydrogen.

Germany – Norudenau Miracle water

Less well known, but with more than 500 confirmed medical reports of healing, this water was analyzed and found to be rich in active hydrogen.

But you don’t have to travel halfway around the world or climb up any mountains to enjoy the benefits of H2 in your drinking water. At Best Water we have many ways of making H2 water available for your individual needs. We sell a variety of electric, non-electric and portable ionizers that infuse H2 into your water. We also sell H2 tablets that infuse additional hydrogen into your filtered water for increased benefits. Call us at 877-771-1942 and speak to one of our knowledgeable water experts and find out which system would work best for you.

It is clear that molecular hydrogen is not a fad but a promising breakthrough for health and wellness and history has shown us that is works. It is uncommon to find a treatment that has both a high therapeutic potential and a high safety profile; hydrogen appears to fit this combination.

For more information on these H2 products please visit our website:

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Picture of Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn is a writer, editor and clinical aromatherapist. She has been sharing her expertise and passion for health and wellness for over 25 years. When not at her desk she can be found exploring the many trails and green spaces near her home in Edmonton, Alberta.

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