Three signs you need to replace your water filter

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By Julia Abelsohn


By now you’re enjoying great tasting clean filtered water and reaping the benefits from your H2 ionizer. Even though our H2 water purification systems are relatively maintenance free, it’s important that the filters are replaced on a regular basis.

Although you might think you’re being economical by trying to get the last drop out of your filter, don’t forget that it is doing the grunt work of keeping your water clean and free of any contaminants. But when exactly should you replace your filter?

Your electric ionizer comes with a counter that gives you a rough idea of when you should change the filter – usually about 12 months with regular use. But other factors – like the size of your household or the quality of your tap water – may mean that you need to change the filter cartridges more often than the recommendation of the manufacturer of your filter. Here are three signs that your filter needs to be changed.

Drop in flow rate

 If the flow rate of your system drops it means that your filter is doing its job by trapping contaminants in your water before they reach your glass. However, this is a clear message that your filter is getting clogged making it cumbersome for water to pass through. It’s also a sign that your filter definitely needs to be replaced.

Strange tasting water

 Even if your water flow rate is ok, you might notice that you’re not enjoying the taste of your water as much as you used to. That’s because as your filter cartridge becomes filled and can no longer absorb contaminants and your water no longer tastes as fresh as it should. Although a sudden change in the water could be caused by other factors, it’s probably time to replace the cartridge in your ionizer. If the problem persists you should have your water tested to look for other causes.

Strange smelling water

Even if the water flow and the taste of the water seem ok you might notice a strange or unusual smell coming from your tap. Again, this could be caused by others factors but you should try changing your filters to see if that fixes the problem. It could be caused by contaminants trapped in your filter and is a good indication that your filter’s time is up.

It’s always wise to have an extra filter in the house in case any of these problems arise suddenly. Ask us about our discount for buying two filters at a time so that you’re always prepared!

Even if you don’t experience any of these problems it’s important to replace your water filter at least every 12 months even if your filter indicator reading is still giving you the green light. Why? Because bacteria loves to grow in damp dark places: what better place than the inside of a water filter? Every filter will have media specific to bacteria – either killing bacteria, preventing bacteria from developing inside the filter or both.  Whether or not water has been flowing through your water ionizer every day – or you have only been using it a couple of times a day – this “anti-bacterial” element never stops working. So after twelve months the filter will have lost its ability to fight bacteria and your water filter will not be able to deliver the water freshness that you desire.

If you still have questions or would like to order new filters, speak to one of our water specialists at: 877-771-1942






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Picture of Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn

Julia Abelsohn is a writer, editor and clinical aromatherapist. She has been sharing her expertise and passion for health and wellness for over 25 years. When not at her desk she can be found exploring the many trails and green spaces near her home in Edmonton, Alberta.

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