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If you wanted to create the world’s cleanest, healthiest water where would you start?

The performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich water have been proven and over 400 scientific studies show the beneficial effects for a broad range of health conditions. The UltraStream is the first water ionizer laboratory tested to infuse massive amounts of beneficial H2.

Powerful filtration
The UltraStream has 8 layers of filtration and energizing media to ensure the cleanest most vital water that your body can benefit from. UltraStream removes more harmful contaminants than ionizers ten times the price including bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and fluoride and chlorine. Not only does it removes these harmful chemicals but it puts in beneficial hydrogen gas, magnesium, calcium and ph balancing alkalinity.

Simple design, complex engineering
The UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes or any other electronic parts so that it is completely maintenance free. Every time you install a new filter you virtually get a new water alkalizer and H2 system. The UltraStream is sleek and elegant to fit any style kitchen and simple to install. The freestanding model is easy to transport for holiday travel, campers and cottage.

High efficiency, low cost
The UltraStream infuses four times the H2 of a $4000 electric water ionizer. That makes it the most economical system on the market delivering water at about 10 cents per litre compared to $2 per litre for bottled water.


Great taste, vibrant health
Drinking clean, mineralized water is not only good for your health, it tastes great! The UltraStream works exactly like nature to filter, alkalise and naturally energize water returning it to its most natural state. With water this delicious you’ll want to drink more water, more often.


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