What are the top electric water ionizers in the marketplace today, and how do they compare?

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Owning a water ionizer is one of the most important catalysts in the process of health improvement, because water is the main component of the human body, the quality of the water you drink can either better your overall health or contribute to disease.  Presently, there are many products on the market that claim to be the best option for your drinking water, so it is difficult to find out which is actually the best.

Top quality water ionizers are presently equipped with titanium which provides better quality protection for the ionizer parts, thus increasing their life span. The water filters inside are also improved and are able to last through  a volume of hundreds of gallons of water before replacement. The ionizer is capable of removing contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals as well as change its pH from a range of  level 2 pH acidic to as high as a level 12 pH alkaline.

The best water ionizers on the market are able to produce high levels of infused molecular hydrogen, have adjustable pH settings, produce high level of antioxidants, easy to install and relocate and also maintain a reasonable cost.

One of the top ionizers in the market today is the Athena H2. The original model was launched in 2007. Throughout the last 10 years it has undergone various modifications, the latest being added Hydrogen Enrichment making the latest version unmatched in its quality.

The benefits of the Athena H2 are its ability to modify the water with the highest level of antioxidants within each pH selection, as well as deliver the highest level of H2 in comparison with other models.

Regarding the Oxidation Reduction Potential level of the water (ORP), the Athena H2 is able to produce water in the level of -800, which means full water cleansing capacity. Such water positively effects the human body more than any other type of ionized water. The LCD Display allows easy access to control the process of water filtration by changing the filter settings instantaneously.

The Athena H2’s compact size allows installation in a limited space.  There are two installation options; on the counter or under the sink with the aid of a faucet kit.

The Athena H2 can be considered among the top ionizers in the global industry of water purification and enhancement, due to its attractive combination of outstanding quality, great tasting water, affordable pricing and a long-lasting warranty.







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